Zodiac MX6 vs MX8:Which one is the best?

Zodiac MX6 vs MX8

A pool vacuum is an important piece of equipment for any pool owner. If you’ve been swimming, you have probably encountered a pool vacuum at some point. The Zodiac MX6 and MX8 are some of the most popular models out there. They each come in a variety of sizes, so there’s a pool vacuum that’s perfect for your pool. But, which one is best? Read on to find the differences.

Zodiac MX6

Zodiac MX 6 is an organized vacuum cleaner system. It looks like small cleaning
assistance. But the system will provide you with a huge service. The suction of the
vacuum cleaner wipes out the dart and makes the floor neat and clean. You will get
instant support for resetting the tool if you face any relevant issues at the time of
cleaning. It has a chamber where you will put all the dirt and make the pool germ free.
People go to the resort for spending vacations and the most attractive moment is
spending time with family in the pool. So real-life entertainment is to pass the joyous time. But most of the time it seems so, the condition does not look suitable for the people and most of the time owner may count the loss because of the bad effect of the pool dirt.

The conscious person does not want to bring the family members here
because of this issue. Not only for vacation purposes but also this issue just arises in
every guardian’s mind as their children are spending time in a small pool for playing. So the dirt of the swimming pool is a big concern.
However, organizing varieties of games here is also a concern. Being used several
times the pool environment is being contaminated. For this, it is turning into a massive task to recover the pool and provide proper maintenance and support also.

Zodiac MX6 is programmed with an automated cleaning system. The High vacuum power will cover the nasty places and clean then ensure better support and service also. It identifies the
dirt and small debris and cleans them through the navigation system. Being a small and compact design it can reach remote areas of the pool and provide fantastic support and service.

Key features

  • There have varieties of features that make this item creative and reliable assistance.
    Cyclonic Suction – Provides powerful suction and aggressive wall climbing.
  • The high-speed logic suction optimizes the work systematically and it can
    instantly climb on the wall and identify the dirt then clean it. So it cleans each part properly so that people get desired environment like before and get ready for the amusement.
  • The x drive navigation easily identifies the affected areas and recovers them with
    proper nurturing. This technology is highly configured so can easily identify the
    dirt even in the pipeline also.
  • The motion sensor of the machine can analyze the flow of control so the pool gets better maintenance as usual.
  • It works with not only a vacuum cleaner but also a strong blade connected at the
    bottom of the tool. So it does not use a huge amount of energy.
  • The articulating power blades work efficiently and make the place dirt and small debris free.
  • For confirming better support and balancing of the machine the company has used an easy grip.
  • You can set it up easily and start working.
  • The hose system is made for small pools. So the system is well adjustable also.

Product Specification

This is specially designed for inground and aboveground pool systems. This is an
automated suction cleaning robot that has great potential and can confirm better
cleaning rather than human service. The 1.5-inch vacuum line collects all the dirt easily so people get the best service as usual. The advanced twist lock hose will provide better consuming support of dirt. However, It is optimized with x drive technology so get better assistance. This cleaner is suitable for Concrete, Tile, Vinyl, and fiberglass.


  • This is a robotic system that provides fantastic support and a better navigation system
    at the time of cleaning.
  • This is made like a compact cleaner process which is why it is handy and flexible when used.
  • It has an automated identification sensor so you can preplan for serving the pool.
  • It has a built-in blade connected at the bottom of the tool. So it takes low energy and the blade just removes the dirt and small debris and then collects it in the specific chamber.
  • You will get effortless service as all the features for cleaning are already optimized so no need to take extra care at the time of serving.


  • The hose is not long enough sometime it takes time to reach the affected area. So it may take more time to complete the task. However, once the hose stop working then it takes time to recover.
  • Sometimes the track cannot balance the pressure and may be brought out from the position may hamper the task and the machine cannot climb on the wall properly.

Why should I recommend this product to you?

It is durable and you can use it regular basis. Comparing the price with MX8 the service it is offering is huge. It has great acceptance among people because of its powerful navigation system. So it can assist the whole task and provide legitimate support. You can take it anywhere you want. Zodiac MX6 needs an easy setup. Being an automated cleaner system will work as better assistance.

Just turn it on and let it visit the areas and get the best result. So you will get a better opportunity to spend time with family members. The parts are specially made for better performance. So you will get amazing assistance and support when using it. Each part is made after mechanical certification.

So you will get the desired output that you will find in detail in the guideline book. There have many pools where you can use this cleaner like a small pool for children’s entertainment, a pool for vacation, a small party pool, and shallow pools also. You have no need to worry about service as the company offers 1-year warranty support. So I believe this is going to be lifetime assistance for you.

Zodiac MX8

Zodiac MX8 advanced suction pool cleaner is considered the most efficient pool cleaner in the pool industry and colony. The high-consuming vacuum power confirms superb cleaning and keeps the pool dirt-free and germ-free. It identifies the dirt and debris and then takes an attempt then completely clean the surface. The 360-degree brush cleans up the surrounding area and makes the place refreshing. People usually spent fantastic moments in the pool. They enjoy relaxation and celebrate parties also. Young generation like to swim in the pool for making better body fitness. But all the entertainments go into dull if dirt, germs, and other debris spoil the pool function.

The normal automated pool cleanser can not solve the issue. It cannot reach the
remote areas and clean the surface. But Zodiac MX8 advanced suction pool cleaners
reach remote areas and the high-speed vacuum always wipes out the dirt. It directly
identifies the affected areas and cleans them. This tool creates an amazing combination of cleaning. The dual cyclonic suctions generate adequate power and this power moves the tool to the affected areas.

As it has 360 degrees automated moving system so the owner gets a guaranteed cleaning service. This system is a thousand times better than using labor. Because the manual cleaning process cannot provide complete support and cannot provide well finishing. Sometimes it leaves the place dirty so people may be affected by various bacteria. If the cleaning elements are high efficient, this can directly affect the people can increase the possibility of skin disease. So the pool owner selected the Zodiac MX8 the advanced suction as the best choice.

Key Features

  • It easily washes out the surface, wall, and pipeline tunnel with the Max-drive dual
    navigation system.
  • Dual cyclonic vacuum power provides a smart consuming service and makes the floor neat and clean.
  • Flex power turbine deeply cleans the place with ultra-efficient technology.
  • It can reach the regional areas of the pool and cleans up the dirt.
  • The advanced technology motor saves energy.
  • This tool can be used professionally and It is perfect for all in-ground pools.

Product Specification

The configuration is set up to ensure heavy-duty. People can regular basis. The part will ensure well finishing. These parts are tested and certified for business purposes. It is basically modified to work in the ground pool system. It suctions cleaning robot to identify the dirt easily. The wide 1.5’ vacuum line will generate more dirt in a short time.
The advanced twist lock’s long life gives internal flow instantly and consumes the dirt, maX-Drive Technology with X-Trax provides flexible movement of the machine. This tool is suitable for Concrete, Tile, Vinyl, and fiberglass.


  • Well adjustable at any kind of pool shape.
  • Can properly clean the dirt and give new look to the pool like before.
  • It not only clan the pool but also clean the water line easily.
  • It identifies every inch of the pool space and cleans it rapidly.
  • It works as a professional pool cleaner. To provide a stunning look after cleaning.
  • It is specially made with brushwork.
  • The cyclonic leaf catcher efficiently runs the tool and provides plenty of support.
  • It easily climbs to the pool wall and does not leave any spot.
  • It saves a huge amount of time.
  • This machine is used if there has a bunch of dirt it easily cleans the pool.
  • Easier to reset once it gets clogged.


  • It becomes stuck if finds small obstacles like a leaf, toys, etc.
  • It is suitable to capture the long narrow debris. Because of the narrow debris stuck in the tunnel and the robot becomes stops working.
  • You may have to change the gearbox after using a couple of years.
  • Sometimes acorns may be stuck to the debris inlet.

Why do I recommend buying this product item?

It will provide you the lifetime assistance once you buy it. The intelligence has quite
different than other automated pool cleaner items. The special feature like cleaning the pool wall, floor even the pipeline is also impressive. Because it identifies each location and cleans it. It does not leave place or dirt so you will get quality assurance. Being a robotic system It will provide legitimate assistance so you have no need to worry and can provide better attention to the other household chores. It is energy-friendly and the motor does not use extra pressure to consume the dirt.

So definitely the motor life duration remains the same. Being an easy setup you can reset the machine once it shows irrelevancy when working. As the system is organized so it consumes less power. Being flexible with any kind of pool system you can use it in various pools rather than specific pool design. You can use it in any condition no matter whether the pool is dirty or slipped. It definitely works and provides you with the desired look.
However, you will get 1-year official warranty support and assurance of parts availability from the company.

The difference between Zodiac MX6 and MX8

There have few differences between Zodiac MX6 and MX8. So you will get a better vibe at the time of purchasing the item and will not relate both items together.

Model Zodiac MX6 Zodiac MX8
Pool Design Best for in-ground and
aboveground pools
Best for inground pools
Cleaning style The used robot is
compatible with various
types of pools.
Used robot compatible with inground pool type
Traction type Get better speed with x
Get the highest speed with
max drive technology
Cleaning power Use a single cyclone at the
time of cleaning
Use dual cyclone at the
time of cleaning
Hose length 32 inch long 39 inch long
Cleaning length 10 inch 15 inch
Navigation Applied x drive navigation Applied max drive


So for availing of the better service from the pool, you should choose Zodiac MX8 rather than MX6. As it is optimized with high-efficiency technology and a maintenance system. So it is really effective to perform the task. Even it is more powerful in terms of cleaning heavy rash, dirt, and other elements.
So being a daily user I will recommend you to take MX8 rather than MX6. Get the best for the pool and enjoy the time with satisfaction and relaxation.


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