Miele Vacuum Cleaner Reviews of 2022

Miele vacuum cleaner reviews

A vacuum cleaner is one of the essential helping tools for any homemaker to ensure healthy living. In our busy lives, a vacuum cleaner can make our work easy. So it is necessary to find the Miele vacuum cleaner reviews for your home. Miele is one of the famous and advanced vacuum cleaners that is very effective.

In this article, we have reviewed Four excellent cleaners from Miele. These vacuum cleaners are excellent in their cleaning performance, quality, and other additional features. Hopefully, you can find the best Miele vacuum cleaner out of the 4 products.

So go on and check out this buying guide full of information about our best top guide.

Some important things to consider while buying a Miele vacuum cleaner reviews

When you buy a Miele vacuum cleaner, it needs to have a clear idea of both your needs and wants. When purchasing a vacuum, it’s essential to consider the floor type or size of the floor space. You also have to consider how the weight of the vacuum, is it noisy, does the vacuum creates asthma, do you have a pet, do you have a hard floor and carpet. Let’s read the Miele vacuum buying guide to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home.

What type of floor do you have?

Floor type is the first thing you have to consider while buying a vacuum cleaner. If you have bare floor and carpeting, we suggest you choose Miele compact c2 Electro+ canister vacuum. For the hard floor or low to medium pile carpet, you can select Best Miele Classic C1 Turbo, Canister Vacuum, or Tech Blue.

How important is noise to you?

The maximum vacuum cleaner is noisy, and it is a big problem. If you have any patients in your home or your neighbor can complain about the noise. So it is crucial to consider the noise level of the vacuum. We recommend choosing Best Miele Complete C3 Brilliant, SEB-236 Powerhead Bundle, or Best Miele Electro+ Canister vacuum Marine Blue (Compact C2) as the silent vacuum.

How is the weight of the vacuum

A heavy or overweight Vacuum is not comfortable to move on, and you can’t work quickly if your vacuum is so heavy. So choose a lightweight vacuum cleaner. We recommend choosing lightweight vacuums like Best Miele Classic C1, Canister Vacuum, and Tech Blue.

Do you have asthma?

Pet dander and dust particles floating around the air can create danger if you have asthma or an allergic problem. So it is essential to consider choosing a vacuum that doesn’t create asthma problems. So look for a cleaner with the HEPA certification of complete seal technology.

Do You Have Stairs at Your Home?

You can select a canister vacuum if you have stairs because Canister vacuums are versatile. This type of vacuum is helpful to carry and move on the stairs.

Miele vacuum cleaner reviews in 2022

1. Miele Classic C1 Turbo Canister Vacuum



Miele vacuum cleaner reviews


The Miele Bagged canister vacuum is one of the best vacuum cleaners we have tested. This is an excellent cleaner that has a turbo brush, and the brush can amazingly clean low-medium pile carpet. So if you have a home with a low pile or hard floor, you can undoubtedly take this vacuum. It also has a parquet floorhead that is suitable for hard floor cleaning. This excellent canister vacuum cleaner is available in the market with a high suction power-1200w.

This Miele vacuum is light-weighted so that it offers maximum maneuverability. It can beautifully clean around and underneath furniture. Upholstery or floor whatever you are cleaning can change its suction power setting because it has six different settings.

Miele canister vacuum built comes out, including a filter bag, Airclean exhaust filter, and a motor protection filter. The vacuum’s Airclean system guarantees maximum filtration, and the room air will be clean after vacuuming. 

Miele comes out in the market with standard accessories like STB 305-3, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and an air clean filter. This corded electric vacuum has a capacity of 4.5 liters.

Features of the vacuum

  • The classic C1 vacuum cleaner gives a powerful cleaning on the surface as it has a 1,200-w Miele-made vortex motor
  • The users can easily control its suction while cleaning different surfaces because it has 6 different settings
  • Its turbo brush floorhead helps to move the vacuum over the carpet quickly. You can easily clean low pile furniture as it has a slimmer design
  • A parquet floorhead is ideal for cleaning any hard floor smoothly
  • Miele vacuum comes out, including three additional accessories


  • It works effectively on low pile carpets
  • Floorhead works gently on hard floor or hardwood
  • It is light-weighted and easy to maneuver
  • It comes out with mighty suction power
  • Miele is a superb cleaner as it can trap 99.9% of dirt particles


  • It is required to filter bag maintenance at least once per year.
  • Quite expensive

2. Miele Complete C3 Brilliant, SEB-236 Powerhead Bundle


Miele vacuum cleaner reviews


Miele C3 Brilliant canister is perfect for cleaning medium to high-pile carpet. This great vacuum comes out with some useful features like one genuine Miele heap air clean filter, 16 genuine GN air clean filter bags, and four pre-motor protection filters. Miele is a light-weighted vacuum and convenient for use. You can work silently with this vacuum because it doesn’t sound high while operating. The other use of this vacuum is, that it doesn’t cause any allergic reaction, and any asthma patient can use it without hesitation.

If you have restoring crushed carpet, you can use this vacuum to work on any type of carpet. Miele is best for pet owners, and it is super for picking up pet hair from the surface or carpet.

Miele has an extra-large parquet brush that is very helpful for cleaning under the baseboards, furniture, and around the chair. It can reach any corner of the house with a 90-degree twisting rotation. It has the SBD 285-3 classic combination brush suitable for cleaning all smooth floors. 

This is a long-lasting vacuum that can be used for more than 20 years.

Features :

  • Brilliant has a super suction power
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • It is light-weighted and easy to handle
  • Worth money
  • Perfect to use on upholstery and carpet


  • It is built with super quality
  • The vacuum works silently
  • Brilliant can suck a large amount of dust from the carpet so it is a time saver
  • It comes with many quality tools
  • The bright LED lighting system helps to see the dirt from any dark corner of the home


  • Few users claim that it can stop working after 30 minutes
  • Quite Expensive

3. Miele Compact C2 Electro+, SEB 228 Powerhead Bundle

SEB 228 Powerhead Bundle


The best Miele Electro+ is a light-weighted cleaner so easy to carry and maneuver. This fantastic cleaner can work silently because it has a noise-optimized fan. The redesigned Vortex Motor makes the cleaner so powerful. Miele Electro comes out with a Miele Hyclean FjM dust bag, sealed system construction, and a great air filter. These combinations ensure that clean air is come out of the cleaner.

The Miele Electro+ comes with many cleaning tools, including a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and an upholstery tool. The bag fill indicator will let you know when to change the bag. There is 6 setting option in the cleaner like furniture, drapes, throw-rugs, large area rugs, quiet setting, and wall-to-wall carpet. You can pick up any dirt particle from the surface as it has a light-weighted hose handle.    The telescoping stainless steel wands help adjust to the height by touching a button.    

The SEB228 Powerhead is perfect for cleaning medium to high pile carpets. The large bush of the vacuum helps to adjust the height based on the carpet. This powerful Powerhead makes the cleaning performance easy and funny. The Miele SBB-3 Parquet Brush is an excellent tool for bare floor surfaces, such as tile and wood, with two soft rollers. These kinds of rollers ensure easy gliding action.


  • The Miele Electro has long durability
  • This awesome vacuum comes out in the market with the great suction power
  • It is a versatile vacuum
  • The long cord is helpful for working smoothly


  • The Miele has a long lifespan
  • It cleans effectively on all types of carpets
  • Miele is easy to manoeuvre
  • Perfect for wood floor cleaning
  • It has a strong suction power
  • The powerhead can automatically shut off


  • The Electrobrush attachment sometimes damages the cord

4. Miele vacuum cleaner reviews Electro+

Miele vacuum cleaner reviews Electro


Miele Marine Blue is a powerful cleaner with a 1.200-w vortex motor. This Miele-made Vortex Motor can increase power efficiency to your desired power level. There are 6 setting rotary dial options on the vacuum. You can control the suction power to set the setting option. The rotary dial helps to get a complete cleaning result.

Miele Marin has an electro-plus floorhead that can clean any type of carpet. The SEB 228 floor head is perfect for quick cleaning of all carpet heights. The electro brush is suitable for optimum carpet care.

Miele Marine vacuums are experienced quality cleaners designed to serve high-quality service to the customer.

The air clean filtering system is excellent for maximum filtration and it consists of a dust bag. Its original heap filter can pick up 99.9% of the dust from the floor. This is a fantastic cleaner for people with asthma.

The compact c2 comes out with three additional tools, including an upholstery tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool. These convenient tools help to clean hard-to-reach corners of a home.


  • Miele has a powerful suction power
  • It comes with excellent durability
  • The vacuum has great versatility
  • Specially designed for stair cleaning


  • The vacuum is s lightweight and easy to move up and down
  • It gives an effective cleaning in low, medium, and high pile carpets
  • The variable suction control can help to optimum cleaning
  • The motor works silently
  • This vacuum is suitable for bare floor, carpet, and rug cleaning 


  • The carpet cleaner’s head is quite heavy

Final Words

To effectively use the Miele vacuum cleaner, it will be your wise decision to find out the best vacuum cleaner for your home. In the above article, I have explained the four best Miele vacuum cleaners that can fulfill your needs.

We hope that will help you to make the right decision and, finally you will choose the Miele vacuum cleaner reviews from the four best vacuums.


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