How to use shark vacuum

How to use shark vacuum

Shark vacuum is one of the most powerful cleaning equipment that offers a clean and hygienic home. If you are a new brand owner but don’t know how to use a shark vacuum cleaner, you need to know using a vacuum properly. Otherwise, you can’t get the best result from this helpful machine.

Again, you have to know the maintenance and preservation of the vacuum cleaner perfectly.

Here I’m giving you the process and procedures to maintain and preserve the vacuum cleaner. After reading the rest of the part, you will know how to use and attach this vacuum.

 How to use the shark vacuum cleaner

Safety instructions and methods for using shark vacuum:

It is necessary to know the safety measures and techniques to avoid all types of electric hazards. The users should follow some essential precautions when using electrical equipment. Follow the below instructions:-

  • Shark vacuum has a polarized plug to save the user from any electric shock.
  • Fit the plug into the outlet carefully
  • If you fail to fit the plug, take help from an electrician
  • Don’t force into the outlet during the plugin
  • Before using a power cord, you must check whether it is damaged or not.
  • Always ignore the damaged cable
  • Switch off before plugging the cord
  • Carefully use the hose, motorized nozzle, wand, vacuum pod, etc. This type of electrical connection, moving parts, and electrical wiring may cause a high risk for users
  • You have to use the appliance properly and always use only identical parts of the machine
  • Don’t use any damaged part of the vacuum
  • Turning off the vacuum before connecting or disconnecting with motorized nozzles is necessary
  • It’s risky to touch the plug while your hands are wet. You have to be alert about this matter
  • Don’t use the vacuum without a filter in place, and try to use only shark brand filters and fittings

Instructions for the longevity of the power cord

  •  Don’t press overpressure on the cord while unplugging
  • Just grasp the plug, not the line
  • Don’t carry the cleaner by the cord like a handle for avoiding damage.
  • Don’t try to run the vacuum over the power cord
  • Keep the nozzles clean
  • Don’t block the nozzle with hair, dust, lint, and any object that may reduce airflow
  • If you find any obstacle in the air path, unplug the vacuum from the outlet and clean the barrier
  • You must keep the nozzle away from loose clothing and bare feet
  • Don’t use any damaged vacuum
  • For cleaning stairs, you should take much care of it
  • When the vacuum is plugged in, never leave it unattended
  • Don’t place vacuum cleaners on unstable surfaces
  • Vacuum cleaner never picks up any type of liquid, large objects, a plant of dust, burning objects, etc
  • Don’t use the vacuum in poorly lit areas and Outdoor areas
  • You have to turn off all vacuum controls before you plug or unplug
  • When the vacuum cleaner is not in use, unplug it from the electrical outlet
  • Never wash it with cleaning chemicals
  • Don’t cut hair and fibers around the brush roll
  • Dry thoroughly before replacing filters with a vacuum
  • After routine maintenance, you have to ensure that the dust cup and all the filters are in place

How to assemble the shark vacuum

  • At first, insert the pod into the nozzle and wand into the pod
  • Then, insert the handle into the wand
  • Now, click the hose to the back of a pod
  • Before starting the cleaning, make sure you have attached all the parts accurately
  • There is a power-off, hard floor, carpet, and suction control option
  • This suction control helps to understand the floor type
  • Here, the Min option indicates reduced suction, and the Max option indicates increased suction on floors

What does the brush roll indicator light mean?

  • Solid green indicates the brush roll is spinning and ready to work
  • Solid red light indicates the brush roll area is jammed. So unplug the vacuum and clean the blockages from the nozzle
  • Flashing Red light means the motorized floor nozzle is heated. Turn off the vacuum and keep the vacuum cool down for a minimum of 60 minutes. When the floor nozzle is standard, you can start working with it

 Cleaning modes

  • Upright mode: to use brush roll perfectly, you have to tighten the floor nozzle and handle firmly
  • Lift away mode: To lift the pod, you must step on the paddle on the floor tightly. Above-floor- handle: to detach the floor handle, press the release button and pull up on the handle
  • Above floor -wand: after pressing the wand release button, pull up on the wand and detach it
  • Accessories-handle: attach extra cleaning equipment to handle or wand

How to empty the dust cup

  • At first, switch off and unplug the power cord
  • To remove the dust cup, slide up on the release button. Push the dust cup forward and lift to remove
  • Press the lower release button for emptying debris
  • Clean the debris from the lint screen. Firmly brush the screen to clean the debris
  • Finally, to reinstall the dust cup onto the pod, tilt until the cup clicks into the right place
  •  How to clean the filters
  • At first, rinse the filters with cold water to regularly maintain the vacuum suction power
  • Keep the filters air-dry for at least 24 hours
  • Try to prevent liquid before reinstalling them

Note: avoid using soup or washing powder to clean the filters

How to maintain the nozzle

  • Use carpet or low pile mode to remove wrapped hair from the brush roll
  • Vacuuming continuously on carpet allows to remove the wrapped hair, and this dust will send in the dust cup
  • If any hard objects find while vacuuming, check immediately for removing the object
  • To clean and maintain the soft roller, slide the roller access button to release the soft roller
  • If the roller is dirty, clean gently with a hand
  • Use only water, not soap or washing powder
  • After washing, let it out to air dry for at least 24 hours
  • Reinstall the roller in the front of the nozzle carefully

How to maintain cord

To increase the longevity of the cord, never run the vacuum over the power cord. Power off the vacuum and immediately remove the cord from the nozzle if this happens. Besides this, you need to keep in mind the following things;

  • Don’t pill the cord around hard objects or sharp corners
  • Never keep the cord on any heated surfaces

How to check blockages

 To check blockages, you need to do the step by step task:

  • Checking for dust cup blockages, detach the dust cap from the vacuum. Then empty the dust cup and remove debris
  • Checking for wand blockages, firstly detach the wand from the pod and handle. Check the ends for blockages
  • Hose blockages; press the release button of the hose to detach the hose from the handle and pod. Check to open for blockages
  • Handle blockages; detach the handle from the wand and check opening to find blockages


When you use a vacuum cleaner, you may face some trouble. So it will be better if you find out a solution to a problem. Here are some troubleshooting facts:

  • Always follow the instruction books which have given with the vacuum
  • Regularly check the vacuum filter and clean it if necessary
  • Check the dust cup empty it if it is complete
  • Regularly check the hose, handle, pod, wand, nozzle, and other accessories for cleaning barriers. If there is any barrier, you need to clear it
  • If any wrapped hair is found around the brush roll, remove it carefully
  • Check the power switch or setting options before starting using the vacuum
  • Suppose the vacuum overheats, off the power for a few minutes, or automatically turn the suction off. Empty the dust cup if it is complete. Check wand, hose, nozzle, and accessories for blockages. After checking all the parts, you can restart it

Final words

Using a shark vacuum cleaner is not so difficult if you apply the right vacuuming tips and techniques. To have a clean environment, you must use the vacuum efficiently. Following the wrong method, you can’t ensure to lead a clean environment.

You already know about all the earlier instructions’ user processes and safety measures. Removing the dust and debris from the remote parts of the house, you can ensure a safe environment. So by following the guidelines, you can not only use the vacuum cleaner confidently but also enjoy the cleaning activities.


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