How to use a vacuum cleaner

how to use a vacuum cleaner

Surroundings and human space can get dirty with tiny dirt particles either from the air or from hand-made. We have different home cleaning tools for cleaning up. Getting our environment to be clean is an issue that is vital for the well-being of humans and other living things around. One method that can be used for the cleanup is the use of a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner is a tool used for cleaning, used mostly in this time, this tends to make the work easier, faster, and give out a productive result. It comes with a design that gives out desire results. It is a simple tool but can need special instruction and guidelines on ways to use it.

Buying guide for all vacuum cleaners


  • It has an electric motor that works in taking in the dirt by activating its fan. The dirt will then come off through the opposite side into a dirt collector using pressure. The pressure will function in a way it will help suck up dirt.
  • It has a filter that works like a finisher. After collecting the dirt, the filter will help to get it cleaner by collecting more invisible dirt. The vacuum cleaner has a port where the dirt goes through, and the size of the port varies. All types of vacuum perform work the same way which means they follow the same principle.

Some people are not familiar with the use of modern vacuum cleaner. Instead of using the old method of cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner. If you tend to use it more often, you get to know how to handle and work with it even if you don’t like cleaning. Are you wondering what other things this vacuum cleaner is? It can perform various work instead of just cleaning off dirt from floors, carpets, and rugs like:

  • It can fit in to control the insect. Furthermore, it can kill off insects or mosquitoes, or fleas that reside in homes, offices, in fact, anywhere it contains space. Rapid exposure of air which the vacuum cleaner gives out to these living organisms can bring a stop to their presence. You can take off spiders using a vacuum, even cobwebs, and tiny particles on the sheet.
  • It can also be used to bring fresh smell and take off bad smell from clothes, pillows just with the cleaning off agent just by spreading it unto the surface intended for cleaning then use the vacuum cleaner to finish off.
  • Other than dirt, it can gather materials and particles like hairs that get stuck in or won’t easily remove from rugs, bedsheets, in the shower basin, or stuck-up particles that can cause hindrance in the flow of liquid in the pipes. It can be used to clean up the pet with hairs just with attachment to the part of the vacuum that works for brushing.

We have different vacuum cleaners for different use and type though they all work with the same principle. Some vacuums are used for tiles floor, while some for wool carpet, there is also HEPA vacuum good for cleaning under bed dirt, Upright vacuum cleaners. Some rugs may require a special cleaner made specifically for their model or design.

To clean your dirty room using the vacuum cleaner is attached to a hose. There are steps to follow to make use of the tool. It will serve as safety and maintenance guidelines for your cleaner. You may also need a container to do your work. This will serve as a waste bin.


  • Find and take out any materials that may be too difficult for the vacuum to suck in like metals, pens, socks. These objects can spoil and break vacuum cleaners. Take away any obstacle in the space of the surrounding you want to clean. Make the area free to produce efficient work by the cleaner.
  • Readjust the length of the cleaner to give it more outstanding performance
  • Clean away dirt that is visible with a cloth or any materials that can dust it off, then use the vacuum to clear the invisible particles.
  • While using it, move to and fro. Use it slowly, don’t use it with haste because it does not work that way. At the end of the day, you may find out it did not take off the dirt because of the rush.
  • Use it multiple times on a spot, while covering part of the room, redo the process, and the movement to ensure the area is cleaned off.
  • Pour and dispose of the packed-up dirt in the container when it gets full for it to work well because when it is filled, it limits its efficiency filled, and by this, you end up spending more hours. Also, clean the filter part when it is dirty
  • Now to give out a more productive outcome, you can attach some extra part to the vacuum, then it will perform better than when it is ordinary.

Clean often with the vacuum because by doing this you get to live in a clean environment that will contribute greatly to your health. Before any organism could grow or form, you will have to get rid of them.

There are some crevices and spots where it needs to be clean more frequently, these spots are a place you even access once in a while. These spots are the place for the particle to form.

  • Clean underneath your bed frequently. This place is always hideous for the dust to lay easily, and even some objects can roll down there.
  • Clear off the dirt from your windows using a damp cloth and also vacuuming it. A particle can easily lie on it because it is exposed to an outer view.
  • Wash and take care of your window covers, it can easily take in dirt, causing and polluting the air with particles.
  • The bed cover is important to clean, it can take in the break-out hairs, sweat, or even grease oil found around the mouth. Use the vacuum cleaner but with an attachment that will perform this specific task.
  • Vacuums off drawers where you seldom use for keeping things, furniture, and gadgets.

Have a cleaning plan, handle the vacuum with care, and you can even clean stains with removal.

These steps on how to make use of a vacuum cleaner will help in the handling of the household cleaning tool. If you try checking or waiting till you see particles before cleaning, the room will get dirty, allergy smell particles come up.

If you find out after cleaning your place with the vacuum cleaner, and you realize your sock still gets dirty while walking in your home, and there is odor, know you are not doing the cleaning the way it supposes to be.

Do you dislike using the cleaner? Maybe because it is not giving you the desired result, or it is working in a way you can’t operate. Follow these steps on how to use a vacuum cleaner, find out where you make mistakes, adjust to make your environment neat and clean from dirt, then your place will get to be clean at all times.


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