How to take apart a dirt devil vacuum cleaner


The Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner is a user-friendly, simple, functional, and effective cleaner. It is a special type of vacuum cleaner having a powerful suction. The superior brush of it can get rid of all types of stubborn hairs. So at present, Dirt Devil is one of the most demandable vacuum cleaners to the customers. Unfortunately, most cleaner users do not know how to take apart a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner. But it is so important to know when you want to clean the vacuum cleaner. For your kind information, Here I’m going to write the simple process of cleaning the appliance. To clean up in a tricky way, you need to follow the step-by-step cleaning method.

How to take apart a dirt devil vacuum cleaner manage the necessary cleaning materials

Before starting the cleanup process, you have to make ready your necessary cleaning materials. As you get them close to your hand, you need not worry about managing these materials. You can get them easily in your surroundings.

These materials will help to complete the cleanup process-

  • A dry microfiber towel or cloth
  • Scissors
  • Detergent powder
  • Grout brush
  • Screwdriver

Disconnect the vacuum from the electric connection

It is very important to disconnect the electric line before starting cleaning for your safety purpose. The Upright Dirt Devil vacuum line is designed with an external battery.  So, remove the external battery of the cleaner and keep it safe.

Cover the floor

When you take apart a  Dirt Devil on the floor, it will surely make messy. So the next step is to cover your floor with a large sheet of newspaper. The sheet of newspaper will protect the floor from dirt, hairs, and debris.  It will be better if you clean the vacuum in a garage or an open place. You can use a rug or PVC material to cover the area.

Detach the vacuums handle

After covering the floor, detach the handle from the vacuum. As the handle is the important section of the dirt devil vacuum, you need to detach the handle by rotating the locking collar. If the locking collar doesn’t turn, you can loosen it up by spraying a lubricant product. Next, just grab the handle and pull it away from the collar easily.

Unscrew the suctions

Now, unscrew the suctions of the handle. At this time, you need a screwdriver to unscrew every screw from the different sections of the vacuum. Keep the screw in a safe container or box. Because if you lose any screw, it will be difficult to fix up the vacuum again. Pull the two suctions of the vacuum to release them separately.

Release canister

The dirt cup of a canister is always filthy as all the dirt is stored here. You will find a release button for releasing the dirt cup. So hold the canister and press the button to expose the dirt cup. Pull the filter and empty the canister in a dustbin. Next, take a microfiber cloth and wipe the inside. Now, clean the dirt cup in a sink with detergent powder.

Clean the filter

Filter cleanup is a difficult process. Before starting the cleanup, it is mandatory to read the manufactures instructions. You can wash the filter with water if the instructions allow water. Tap the dirty filter on a hard surface to remove dust. You can use trash to prevent dirtying the place. After that, take warm water to flow over the filter. If instructions don’t allow detergents, don’t use them. Finally, keep the filter in a sunny place or an open place to dry overnight.

Remove the metal plate

 Now it’s time to detach the metal plate from the brush head. Now, lay the vacuum on a flat surface with the head. Use a screwdriver to release the screws. When you released the screw, pull the metal plate from the brush bristles. Keep the screw in a safe place like a container. Keep in mind, avoid mixing with the handle screws, so use them in different containers or boxes.

Remove the brush head

After removing the metal plate, now it will be easy to remove the brush head and screws from the vacuum. Try to keep them in a safer place or a separate container.  Next, you carefully cut the hairs and threads but not the bristles on the cleaner bar. Use a grout brush to clean up dirt and debris from the bar. In the final stage, wipe out the outer part of the Dirt Devil vacuum using a dry microfiber towel. Before attaching all the parts, make sure you dry them in an open place.

Reattach the Dirt Devils part and test it

Finally, you have completed the cleanup process, and now you can reattach the Dirt Devil vacuum. At first, start attaching the metal bar, then attach the brush head, filter, canister, and handle one after another carefully.

After completion, the attaching and put back everything together, connect it with the electric line. If the Dirt Devil works as usual, then it works well-that means it is ok for functioning. But if the cleaner produces a crazy sound, that means it is not attached correctly. To fix it up, follow the manufacturer’s instructions or watch a video from YouTube to get a basic idea. 

Some important information about Dirt Devil Cleaners

  • Dirt Devil is a sensitive appliance so, handle the vacuum carefully while cleaning the parts.
  • If you put too much pressure during cleaning, the appliance may be damaged. Reattach it gently with screws.
  • To protect the floor from getting dirty, try to clean the Dirt Devil in an open place.
  • Canister vacuum requires cleanup regularly as it blows much dusty air.
  • You need to take apart the Dirt Devil regularly for cleanup if you are a pet owner.

Is dirt devil easy to maintain?

 Generally, Dirt Devil vacuum maintenance is not so difficult.  The main thing is to empty the dirt cup and clean or replace the filter. I mentioned here more maintenance tips to ensure the good condition of the vacuum.


Usually, permanently sealed motors are used in Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners. So there is nothing special care of motor. But still, it will be better to check the motor after every five years. Again, it needs to check the motor brush. Because the brush is loose or wobbly, the bearings might be going out. So you can replace the motor with the help of a local dealer.

Motor brushes

Motor brushes are also important parts of the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.  Sometimes motor brushes can damage the motor. So before replacing the motor, you need to check the motor brushes repeatedly. It requires changing the motor brushes every five years.

Vacuum head

Dirt Devil’s vacuum head and carpet brush are also necessary parts of the vacuum cleaner. So you need to take care of them. Make sure you are cleaning the brush head regularly. Carefully cut the long fibers and hair which are gathered around the roller.


As a Dirt Devil is an important appliance, it needs proper maintaining and cleanup. So users should be conscious and cautious to handle this vacuum cleaner. To avoid clogging the dirt, you have to clean up the vacuum at regular intervals. Now, I think you can easily take apart a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner following my tips and tricks as mentioned earlier.


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