How to avoid vacuum cleaner ruin?

How to ruin a vacuum cleaner

Avoid vacuum cleaner ruin- 9 things you should never vacuum up

A vacuum cleaner is an incredible innovation of modern technology. Nowadays, we can’t think even for a day without a vacuum cleaner. It is one of the most helpful machines in every house. It cleans up both our living place and surroundings. Usually, we clean floors, carpets, hardwood, and tiles with a vacuum cleaner. But sometimes, we ruin our expensive vacuum cleaner unwisely. So it would be best if you never did the following things-

Avoid vacuum up hard objects

Sometimes we find coins, small toys, or small stones on the floor. We run the vacuum over the obstacle instead of stopping cleaning. But it is a big mistake. It can damage the vacuum’s interior part for this type of mistake. Again the barrier can stick into the machine. That is why vacuum can stop working. So it is essential to check the floor before vacuuming. If you get any hard objects, pick up the objects manually.

Avoid vacuum up soil and plant debris

it is natural that when someone brings outside soil or dirt inside your home, you clean up the dirt or soil with your vacuum instantly. But it is the wrong way. Because in this way, the soil may be stick deeply into the carpet. Besides this, the wet soil can damage the motor. If you see dry mud, visible dirt, or trash, you sweep up them using a dustpan and brush.

Again, plant debris and flowers can easily clog your vacuum cleaner. So pick up the plant debris by hand.

Avoid vacuum up sharp objects

sharp objects like broken glass can damage your vacuum cleaner, especially when using a bagged vacuum. A sharp object can puncture the bag, hose, motor or scratch up the interior part of the vacuum. So sweep up the piece of every glass or use a broom to clean the broken glasses.

Don’t pick up long hair

We know, at salons, they sweep up hair using a broom instead of vacuuming. Because long hair can be tangled up in the brush roll and stop it from work properly so, avoid vacuuming the hair. If you get the long hair on the rug or carpet, pick up it using your hand. You can sweep up to save your time or effort.

Avoid vacuum up Ashes

Picking or cleaning ashes using the vacuum cleaner is another mistake. Strictly avoid this mistake especially avoid clean up ashes using an ordinary household vacuum. Because picking up fireplace ash with a vacuum is the opposite of cleaning. Cool down the ash before using a vacuum. Use a wet or dry vacuum cleaner instead of a regular vacuum to clean the mess area.

Don’t vacuum up liquids

Regular vacuum cleaners are not perfect for pick up water or any liquids. When you vacuum liquids, moisture can trap inside the vacuum. As a result, your vacuum can lead to electrical failure. So don’t make this mistake. Clean the water with a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth absorbs moisture. It works better than the vacuum. You can also use a wet or dry vacuum to suck up the liquids.

Avoid vacuum up Makeup accessories

Vacuum cleaner can’t suck lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and foundation.  Avoid vacuum up these things. This type of makeup accessories can melt inside the vacuum cleaner and cause damage.  Clean the stuff by hand before starting vacuuming.

Don’t let the machine run overfilled

It is mandatory, when your vacuum bag is full, empty the bag quickly. Don’t let it be overfilled. If you don’t do this and continue running, the machine can overheat and can damage.

Avoid vacuum up sticky stuff

Sticky stuff like syrup, glitter, and glue can attaches with the dusting brush and clogs the filter. When the sticky stuff goes inside the vacuum, it can melt. So it can cause damage to the motor and make your vacuum cleaner unusable. To avoid this mistake, use a soapy cloth to remove the sticky stuff from the carpet.

Last few words

A vacuum cleaner is expensive and the most helpful assistance for the home. So avoiding the certain things as mentioned above we can get a long-lasting service of our vacuum cleaner.


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