How to clean fine dirt from pool: A complete guideline

How to clean fine dirt from pool

A common question of a pool master is how to clean fine dirt from the pool. Because maintenance of a swimming pool is not an easy task, it is a pretty complicated process. Again it is easy to clean the pool water with a vacuum. But a vacuum doesn’t clean the fine dirt accurately from the bottom. Vacuum cleans only the big debris from the pool. Naturally, every pool owner wants to clean their pool water crystal clear.
There are many tips and tricks to clean fine dirt thoroughly. So if you are a pool owner, this article will help you to know all about the cleaning process of fine dirt.

Find out the Causes of fine dirt

There have some common causes of fine dirt in the pool. Dirt may come in many ways. Generally, When we are filtering the pool water, the soil doesn’t absorb into the filter. The rest of the soil or dirt can be stuck at the bottom of the pool. Again, rough weather and using pool water daily also cause fine dirt to the pool. Swimmer’s feet and body filth are also another cause of dirt in the pool.

How to remove dirt from the pool

Removing the sediments is not difficult if you have all the necessary or proper equipment for fine dirt cleaning. It will take the shortest time to complete the steps of cleaning. But to do this job quickly, you need to acquire the exact knowledge of cleaning the fine dirt.

Here, we will discuss all the steps to remove dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool. You can discharge the dirt from the pool by using dependable cleaning equipment.

1. Use vacuum suction and filter technique in the cleaning process

The ordinary filter can’t remove the settled dirt from the bottom. Because this type of filter only can clean the floating debris. So, to get an effective result, you need a powerful and unique vacuum that can do the job accurately. The vacuum is useful and available in the market at a cheap rate. Again, using vacuum suction and filter technique is not so complicated if you follow the instructions. There are no requirements of precondition to start the vacuum as well as no complex preparations.
On the other hand, to complete the cleaning process no need for a professional cleaner as well.

2. Clean the sides of the pool

It is necessary to clean the sides of the pool before cleaning the bottom of the pool. Scrub away at the sides of the pool with a stiff brush.

3. Use proper brushes to clean the pool

It is mandatory to clean your pool at least once a week. To get crystal clear water from a pool, Use the right brush to clean the pool perfectly. The dirt may stick to the walls of the pool. You can clean the wall with a brush. Steel bristles brush is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces like concrete and plaster. On the other hand, a soft bristle brush is for fiberglass and vinyl liner pools. These brushes are available in the market, and you can collect the bushes for around $20.

4. Use pool vacuum

When you complete brushing, the specks of dirt will loosen from the pool. It is the right time to vacuum up. Vacuuming the water can get rid of all dirt and sediment. Manual or automatic, any pool vacuum can suck the dirt from the bottom. Some wise pool owners use skimmer socks or hairnets on the skimmer basket to decrease the filter’s workload.
Before using the pool brushes and vacuum head, make sure the instruments are safe for your pool.

5. Use A Pool Cover

To install a pool cover can work as a blanket on the entire water surface. It will protect the pool from unwanted dirt or things. Three types of pool covers are standard.

Winter cover

Winter cover is very useful to protect the entire pool. It covers the whole pool so no debris or harsher elements can get into the pool. Again, this cover helps to clean the pool easily and balance the pool water when you reopen the pool. You can get winter cover in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors at a cheap rate. The cost will be around $150 on average.

Solar cover

The solar cover helps to reduce water and chemical evaporation at night. It can heat the pool water, so no need for extra heating bills. You can use this solar cover both inground and above ground pool. It works as a barrier to keep the dirt from getting into the swimming pool. A solar cover is available anywhere from $75 UP TO $500.

Safety cover

A safety cover is available as solid vinyl or mesh. The cover protects the pool from unwanted things, pets, leaves. It can save the pool from all kinds of fine dirt. The cover lasts long, and the rate is around $1000 to $3000.
There is no other good option without using a cover to clean up the fine dirt. So it is highly recommended for the pool owner to use a cover over the pool.

6. Monitor your filter

Try to monitor your filter as it works for multiple hours daily and catches all kinds of debris. Regular cleaning and monitoring can save the filter from damaging and becoming clogged.

7. Use an automatic pool cleaner

The automatic pool cleaner is like a robotic vacuum cleaner. It removes debris from the pool water and deposits it into the filter. The cleaner filters clean or fresh water back into the pool. This robotic cleaner is entirely self-contained. Some of them are remote-controlled. It is advantageous to clean the fine dirt from the pool easily.

8. Clean with a microfiber gloves mitt

If you already tried all the options but have not gotten a good result, now you can try a hands-on solution. This is a traditional pool cleaning system and an extremely effective and practical method.
Generally, these microfiber gloves are used to dry off a vehicle’s surface. But, microfiber gloves can clean the fine dirt.
So, let’s know how to use microfiber gloves for cleaning a pool.
Firstly, take microfiber gloves. You can pick the gloves at one of the large shops. It also can get from a car equipment store or order from an online shop.

Once you get your microfiber gloves mitt, take a telescoping pole having a pool brush or a vacuum head, you can start your cleaning activities.

• At first, attach the mitt to the top of the pool brush. Then you can use it across the entire surface.
• Use a telescoping pole to guide the microfiber mitt across the dirty areas.
• Rinse off your mitt, if you have much fine debris on the floor of your pool.

Final words

You can not find out always the best solution for cleaning your pool. You need to try and experiment for a better solution in this regard. Every pool owner wants to keep their pool neat and clean. So they become pleased to keep their pool water crystal clear by pumping or filtering or using net etc. Finally, you will get the best solution from the tips or tricks mentioned above about the fine dirt cleaning process of the pool. Hopefully, you will get a good result by following routine basis cleaning activities.


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