How to Clean a Car Interior a complete guide with the best tips and tricks

How to Clean a Car Interior

Would you like to clean your car interior?

Costing is a factor in cleaning up your car interior thoroughly.  How to Clean a Car Interior, Do you think it is difficult for you? No, of course, when you have all the cleaning tools, you can do it yourself easily. But doing the job, you need proper cleaning knowledge about the car interior. Here I am giving you some practical tips and tricks to clean your car interior without any cleaning agency help.  

So let’s dive into the article to know about all the cleaning tools and cleaning processes.

Essential cleaning materials and tools

  • Vacuum cleaner

Nowadays, the vacuum cleaner is the most helpful cleaner that makes our work easy and smooth. So if you have it, you can do it quickly. Vacuum with an extension hose and a handheld attachment helps you complete your task efficiently and helps to clean soon. The wings can also help you clean car carpets, hard-to-reach nooks, and clean edge to edge. It would be good if you also have a steam cleaning machine. Towels, sponges, brushes, and rags are also needed to complete the cleaning process.

  • Wiping and Polishing Materials

 Terry cloth towels are the most useful wiping materials. The towels and rags need a wide range, Fine cloth rags for cleaning and polishing. Microfiber cloth would be the best choice for cleaning without scratches to get a beautiful shine and look on your car surface. But the clothes should be any residual chemical-free.

  • Brushes and Applicators

Different sizes of brushes and applicators are needed to clean up the dirt from the air vents. These brushes are most helpful to remove dirt from the hard-to-reach areas of the interior.

  • Chemical cleaning products

It is likely; you have all the necessary items like vinyl, upholstery, plastic, and carpeting. So, assemble all the items In a basket and get ready for cleaning. Make sure the chemical is suitable for car cleaning. That’s why, before applying the cleaning product on your car surface, test it on an inconspicuous area.

 How to clean your car carpet

The carpet is the dirtiest area of the car, so you have to take the rug or carpet out of the car and shake it well. At first, you have to quit the carpet from the car.   This process will separate most of the dirt like papers, coins, food wrappers, and other objects. Now it’s time to vacuum. Vacuum the whole carpet with baking soda. Sparkle the soda on the floor mat or rug and wait for about 30 minutes. After that, rub with a brush. Different sizes and shapes of brushes and nozzles are perfect for cleaning. It may be helpful to clean the areas around the seats easily. Use an absorbent towel to take out the water from the carpet and dry it. For removing chewing gum from the carpet, rub the ice cubes on the gum for several minutes. In this way, the gum turns brittle, and you can take it off. Handheld models and steam cleaning machine is handy to clean the car interior as well. If you don’t have it, you can work with some commercial carpet cleaning products like Bissell carpet cleaning foam.  It cleans the carpet well, takes the most abuse, and reduces the bad smell.


The seats are the dirtiest part of the car because we use them repeatedly. Car seats are made of leather, cloth, upholstery, vinyl materials. As the car seats are made of different types of materials, the cleaning methods are also other. Try to choose and apply the proper technique. The general car seat can be clean naturally. Homemade cleaning solution also works great in cleaning. Just take one cup of water, a half cup of vinegar, and a half tablespoon of detergent or dish soap. Then mix it and spray it on stains. You can use a brush to remove the stains at last wash and dry the seat with a micro-fiber towel.

 How to clean leather

 Sometimes It isn’t easy to take care of expensive leather. Because applying the wrong cleaning method can destroy the actual color of the seats. Sometimes light color may change to a dingy shade. A good cleaner can give a new look to your seat.

Usually, most of the cleaners are spray-type. Spray the cleaner on the seats and dry with a towel. So the cleaning process is so easy to do. But you have to ensure the towel is clean. After cleaning, you dry the seats with a microfiber towel. Wait for a couple of hours to dry the leather thoroughly. Next, apply a leather conditioner to keep the seat supple. Wait until dry the seat is complete.

 How to clean vinyl

Vinyl cleaning is not so tricky as leather. You can easily clean the vinyl. Just spray the car seats with a cleaner and wipe with a cloth or rag. Wipe it completely. After one hour, your vinyl seats are ready for use.

How to clean cloth

When you want to clean your car seat cloth, you have to take care of any tough stains or nasty odors. In this case, you may need a particular type of cleaner to get rid of those problems. You can use a specialized stain remover like Scotchgard carpet, fabric spot remover. For getting a fresh smell, you can use any good natural fabric refresher. 

Again, if the seats are so dirty and harsh to clean, use liquid cleaning products. It is essential to dry the seats completely. Otherwise, it may damp and spread a nasty and bad smell. 

Try to avoid harsh chemicals. Baking soda will be a good option instead of a chemical. Sprinkle the soda on the seat. Wait for an hour but not so long. Vacuum the baking soda on the seat and get a clean seat.

 How to clean windows and mirrors

Always use a microfiber cloth for windows and mirrors cleaning purposes. It works wonderfully. When choosing the cleaner for windows, make sure the cleaner is ammonia-free. Ammonia can damage the interior plastic. You can use here a spray or spray bottle to clean up the haziness of the window mirror. Sometimes gauge covers are made of plastic, so use an all-purpose cleaner.

If your windows are tinted, you have to be more careful. Before using the cleaner, please read the product instructions for the safety of the mirror.

When cleaning mirrors and windows area, don’t spray it on windows directly. Spray the cleaner on a clean cloth to reduce the dark streak.

For removing stickers from the back windows, you can use a mixer of olive oil paste and baking soda on the area. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then scour with a non-scratch Scotch- Brite pad. It gives a good result.

Front panel cleaning

 The front panel of the car is a visual part of the car. It absorbs different types of dirt and debris while plying the vehicle on the streets. It is also tough to clean up all the knobs, switches, dusty nooks. If you have the right cleaning tools, it is not difficult anymore.

 Console cleaning

There are many buttons and controls in a car. It is too difficult to clean the buttons easily as we find much dust in every crack and crevice. You need to apply tricks to clean those areas. It would be best if you implemented the tightest spots and grooves on your console.  Then wrap the cloth over the screwdriver to clean up your steering wheel and dashboard easily.

You can use the thinnest cloth possible over the screwdriver not to make it bulky as well. A plastic knife can be wrapped in a cloth or cotton, avoiding harm to the console.

 Dashboard cleaning process

The dashboard cleaning process is also quite tricky. Usually, dashboards are made of vinyl, leather, and other materials. For removing dust and grime from the dashboard, use a duster. It helps to remove dust easily and reach small spaces. To clean vents and knobs, use cotton swabs. Clean the grime and fingerprints with a damp microfiber cloth. After completing all the essential cleaning processes, you can now give it a final cleaning with a good cleaning product. Make sure you have done a thorough cleaning of the car dashboard.

Door cleaning process

The door panels are a combination of materials such as carpet, leather, and vinyl. You can use the same cleaning product you used earlier in the cleaning methods on the other interior parts. Use a microfiber cloth first to clean up the big thing by hand. Then use a chemical product to remove the existing debris. Cleaning up the backdoor or hatchback is a must.  

Air vent cleaning process

The air vent cleaning process is also an essential job for cleaning the cars. Using the proper tools like a long bristle brush and a can of compressed air, you can easily clean the air vent grills. It helps to absorb most of the dirt from the vent grill.

Cleaning the tiny crevices

To reach and clean into tiny crevices is difficult. Brushes can’t get those areas. So use a toothpick to clean dirt from the smallest nooks and crannies gently. Again, there is an attachment of the vacuum crevice tool in your vacuum cleaner. Use this part to clean the console and dashboard tiny dirt particles.


To remove lingering odors like cigarette smoke, pet odors, choose a good odor removal product from the market. It is usually pretty challenging to remove lingering odors from the car. Ozium smoke and eliminator gel, Dakota odor, Bomb car odor eliminator will be the best choice as an odor removal for the car user. A good odor removal product can easily stick odor from hidden or hard-to-reach areas. It also helps to remove bad smells from upholstery or carpet. You can remove unpleasant scents from the car by hanging a car deodorizer. Use an air freshener to prevent nasty odors as well. The freshness of the car mainly depends on the use of the perfect odor removal.

How often you should clean up the car interior

How long after you need to clean the car interior, depending on the period you drive the car. It is also remembering that how often the car is used, driving condition, the number of passengers. For safety purposes, you should clean the car window at least once a month because dirty windows create an obstacle to seeing the outside from the inside. The car’s interior should clean at least four times a year, especially a driver’s floorboard and dashboard. Your vehicle will be long-lasting and give you better service after proper cleanup activities.

Tips to keep your car clean longer

  • Put automotive gel in your car. Use it frequently to clean vents and hard-to-reach areas
  • Consider a silicone baking cup in the cup holders to keep it always neat and clean
  • Organize an expanding mini file and keep all the trim necessary cleaning tools for in-between cleanings
  • Keep a backseat pet cover and a rubber glove to wipe up the fur on the seats and carpets
  • Arrange kick mats on the backseat so that your kid’s muddy footprints can’t dirt the car’s carpet
  • Put a basket for keeping unnecessary packets or things

Final words

Your routine clean-up activities keep the car fresh and clean. However, it takes time and effort to keep your car shining like a showroom. It is sometimes tough to clean up the interior’s miscellaneous surfaces. But if you clean it after every three to four months, you can avoid its dirty look or give a fresh feel. It is now obviously clear that a miscellaneous surface cleaning job is not so difficult. Finally, you do the job frequently by following the above tips and tricks of cleaning car interiors.



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