How to choose the right vacuum cleaner?

How to choose the right vacuum cleaner

Household vacuum cleaners are primarily vacuuming, so do not pay attention to the suction force to be able to absorb the stones. How to choose the right vacuum cleaner, vacuuming in the workshop is not working, you must buy a low noise vacuum cleaner.

The purpose of vacuuming at home is not to cause the second pollution, so you need to buy a vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency filter.

Although vacuum cleaners are already quite a popular home appliance, the upgrade of vacuum cleaners in the market is very fast. If you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, you do not know what category is in the market? What is the latest model?

What’s new? As you know, vacuum cleaners have long been developed into automatic dust-cleaning robots. There is a portable vacuum cleaner on the market. It is not like a machine, but a display that can be placed in a clear part of the living room.

A wide range of new, old, huge, portable, domestic brands, foreign brands, cheap, expensive, and vacuum cleaners on the market, how to choose the right one according to your needs What about vacuum cleaners?

Two sections

Household vacuum cleaners are effective, mainly dry and wet. The so-called dry, it is a good understanding, home dust is sucking, of course, it is dry; The so-called wet and dry, that is, there are water drops on the floor, it can be sucked.

In terms of power, it is divided into two types: high-power vacuum cleaners and portable ones. Typically, 3000W to 4500W power is a high-power vacuum cleaner. High power vacuum cleaners are traditional vacuum cleaners, which are used to select machines. Due to the large power, the motor is large, and the size of the vacuum cleaner is also large. In terms of price, vacuum cleaners with high power are now cheaper. Portable vacuum cleaners, as the name suggests, are of course smaller in size. The average power is between 60W and 200W it can be charged wired and wireless, and wireless vacuum cleaner.

Two ideas

The principle of the vacuum cleaner is to create a vacuum in the main body by the high-speed rotation of the motor and using high-speed airflow which is used to remove the waste from the suction port and bind the waste. The vacuum cleaner is deposited in the bag, and the air is purified through a filter. Drain the vacuum cleaner.

In the past, vacuum cleaners are generally known to have a large horsepower and strong suction. It is like a vacuum cleaner that can use broken glass and gravel from the ground. In addition, it is fully functional, i.e., like a brush head, such as vacuuming. A vacuum cleaner with many accessories, exposed carpet, absorbent curtains, absorbent wall dust, bed drying, kissing kisses, dodo angles, etc.

The new concept of vacuum cleaners, firstly, professionalism, that, a vacuum cleaner, mainly emphasizes to do one thing, because some functions actually “stay away and close”, such as sucking dust, it has to stretch the two from suction linear, otherwise it “twists” Easy in the head of the brush.

If it is linear, the tip has even a small motor. Therefore, easy to use, easy to clean, and convenient to take. In addition, the user uses a vacuum cleaner, non-working, vacuum cleaner design is designed as simple, wireless, does not require long cable pull, is designed as “universal joints” without the need to sit on the tip and hand body.

The new concept is the specific concept of the vacuum cleaner, one silent, the vacuum cleaner gives the impression that the sound is huge, and now the sound of the high-end vacuum cleaner is quite reduced; The second is the so-called zero-emission exhaust gas, the traditional vacuum cleaner air passes through the filter net and still emits dust. Air pollution is formed, and now high-end vacuum cleaners use a water filter HEPA high-efficiency filter to greatly reduce exhaust emissions.

Three grades

There are about three times vacuum cleaners on the market, which can be judged from their function and price.

Avant-garde shape design with high-end, high-efficiency filter device and mute capacity, should have a function, price is usually more than 500 USD; Medium-sized brush head, large size, with large suction, price about 500 USD; Low gear power is big, suction is big, and the price difference is also very large.

There are five or six hundred USD, two or three hundred USD, or even a hundred USD. This vacuum cleaner emits exhaust gas. The house is not mainly used for dust absorption, it is recommended to buy it.


The standard rated voltage of the vacuum cleaner should be 220V, 500HZ, otherwise, it does not match the shunt power supply.

The connection part of the vacuum cleaner should be tight and the seal is good if the hand is close to the compound and the seal is not good, otherwise it is poor.

A vacuum cleaner with poor rock performance not only has a poor vacuuming effect but also does not consume electricity.
For households, a vacuum cleaner is suitable to use from 400W to 600W. This type of vacuum cleaner is dust from home carpets and the like.

Optional program First look at a vacuum cleaner shell, if it is a plastic cylinder, it is necessary to see if there are cracks in the cylinder, but also to see if the connection between the upper and lower cylinders is compressible. If it is a metal cylinder, look at the cylinder first.

Bumming, whether the paint is identical, whether the upper and lower cylinders are sealed or not. After checking the appearance, the vacuum cleaner is activated, and when it is activated, there will be a suction sound.

The noise of the motor increases significantly when the dust of the vacuum cleaner is blocked by the solar port hand. During this time, the hand will feel a huge suction force, and it will be very hard to remove the hand. It should be noted that the vacuum cleaner should only have air noise after power-over.

The smaller the sound of the whole machine, the better. It should not be mixed with other words Some vacuum cleaners are equipped with power recovery devices. When selecting, all power cables should be pulled. Then press the switch to take off to see if it completely withdraws the power cord. Finally, check the vacuum cleaner’s accessories according to the instruction manual, and no missing parts.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner Teach you to use a good vacuum cleaner

First, a brief introduction to vacuum cleaners. Effective principle: The motor is used to drive the rotation at high speed to create a partial vacuum of the dust collection chamber. The difference in air pressure outside the dust collection chamber produces airborne dust particles and mixes with the airflow to the dust collection chamber. After filtering, the dust is retained in the dust collection chamber to discharge dry air.

Classified by shape

1. Boy vacuum cleaner, suitable for large enterprises, hotels, factories, construction sites, offices, and other public places.

2. Used horizontal vacuum cleaner, household cleaning, or partial cleaning of the company.

3. Hand-held vacuum cleaner, can be used to clean dust from small and convenient books, furniture, wardrobes, electrical appliances, cars, etc.

Classified by function

1. Wet and dry

2. Dry

3. Multi-function, such as water filtration, disinfection, and so on.

Second, how to buy a good vacuum cleaner?

Suck strong enough! The suction unit is represented by the degree of vacuum. The greater the vacuum degree, the greater the suction. Usually expressed in p (pay). The 27 kPA house is even better. Too little breastfeeding is not enough. Too high is a waste. Hataheb usually has up to 16 copies. When you go to buy moles, it’s best to find a live display of the suction column to absorb the bowling vacuum.

The end of the second pollution! Inhaled dust is not filtered effectively and secondary pollution is a big invisible killer of vacuum cleaners! (1) Refer to the filter element for the exhaust of the vacuum cleaner. Sponge: Worst filter, Reactive carbon filter: It can increase the absorption of dust, but the pores are usually filtered. scouring pad: the texture is relatively fine, it is a relatively economical material, performance is better than the first two. HEPA Filtration: High precision filter with strong adsorption and currently the best filter material.

Composite paper dust bag: Double-layer filtration effectively increases the dust purification rate, and the cost is very high. The benefits are easy to use and can be thrown away without cleaning. (2) Look at air purification disinfection technology. Electrostatic smoke collection, HEPA dust purification, activated carbon adsorption, photocatalyst (requires sunlight for regeneration), cold rising (natural regeneration) Recommended! Catalytic separation of formaldehyde

More nozzles are equipped! Look for suitable pipes for your convenience for your cleaning needs. Of course, the more equipment is equipped, the more ceremonies apply.

Other details! Whether the outer casing material is strong and durable. Stainless steel preferred (high price inconvenient) Recommended for ABS engineering plastic wear resistance and impact resistance. To verify the material, open the dust cover and fill it with the words “ABS”. Without fraud! (Has a dusty display) (whether it is a rubber roller to prevent scratching the soil). (It is possible to control infinite variable speed). (Do you have a bumper strip design to protect your furniture?) Dust bag quality is good. Non-woven materials are recommended.

Now the latest vacuum cleaner technology is a dust-free bag design. Through the biodynamic principle, the complete separation of dust and gas by force in the dust collection bucket is forced by the strong centrifugal forces in the dust collecting bucket, effectively solving the problem. Secondary Pollution Problem Vacuuming efficiency is 25% higher than a normal vacuum cleaner! Highly recommended! !! (Also known as dragon thunder, or dust technology)

A misunderstanding! One. Today’s home vacuum cleaner motor is not a high-tech product. The best motors in the world are produced in China. The use of imported motors only increases production costs and increases the burden on consumers. (Indicates that some high-tech micro-dust motor imports are still very good. On the other hand, the motors are installed in the machine and there is no space for outside production.

Therefore, some brands advertise themselves as imported motors, which deceive consumers. Very simple, you instruct the salesman to drive the motor so that he can see if he is awesome? Two. The correct method of noise reduction is achieved by using relatively quiet motors for motor correction regarding suction and noise.

To achieve the purpose of noise reduction, some vacuum cleaners on the market have to dedicate suction forces and place a few sponges on the motor to achieve a sound-absorbing effect, so that the noise is small, but on the other hand, the suction (exhaust is not smooth) also affects the motor.

Heat dissipation, which can easily damage the motor! This is a completely wrong approach. The national standard is 82 decibels. Errors do not use noise reduction methods under the premise. It is better to be less than the national standard.

Third, be careful using a vacuum cleaner! It is strictly forbidden to inhale passive cigarette molds, large groups of paper, etc., so as not to burn the dust filter device and damage the motor. Each continuous use time should not exceed 2 hours, which may affect motor life. Some models have to overheat protection devices.

When overheating protection starts, stop after 20-30 minutes and then restart the machine. Do not block or block the air duct using, and do not block the air inlet, so that the exhaust does not affect the air and does not overheat and burn the motor. Be sure to clean the dust chamber immediately after the dust is full. Ordinary house vacuum cleaners should not be used for water absorption and dust (such as flour, cement ash, wall powder, etc.), otherwise, the motor will be damaged.


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