Harmful effects of vacuum cleaner

Harmful effects of vacuum cleaner

Harmful effects of vacuum cleaner, a neat and clean home ensure your healthy life. We use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of all types of dirt and dust from your house. But sometimes it works against our expectations. Because it is suggested by the researchers, some vacuum cleaners cause harmful effects. These types of cleaners make things messy rather than clean. After vacuuming, the bacteria can back into the air, and it may spread infections and trigger allergies in your area.

The Australian researchers tested 21 types of vacuum- Dyson, Hoover, iRobot, Electrolux, and Sanyo brand are also included with the vacuum cleaners. After researching, it is declared that some bacteria, dirt, and allergens are back into the air. Again, the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner can hold live bacteria for up to two months. So it is also a matter of health concern.

Old or cheaper vacuum cleaners create more pollution than a new and expensive one.  Generally, an old vacuum pollutes the indoor part of the house. Again, the cheap vacuums destroy quickly and affect our environment.

Vacuum Cleaners can be harmful to those who have allergies

It is a matter of concern that a vacuum cleaner can be harmful to those who have allergies. The vacuums produced a wide range of ultrafine particles, small particles, and all types of harmful particles in air pollution. Ultrafine particles are smaller than 0.1 microns in diameter, and generally, these leads to about 90 percent of all the pollutants in the air. These tiny particles directly affect the bloodstream and increase allergies, asthma, strokes, heart attacks, and even cancer.

Harmful effects on the environment

Vacuum cleaners harmfully affect the environment during their life cycle, disposal, use, manufacture, and other producing processes.

The impact on the environment is largely found during the manufacturing process. The raw materials, plastics, chemicals, energy resources are used recklessly during the manufacturing process. They emit toxic elements or smoke into the air, which affects our environment directly or indirectly.

Impact of using vacuum cleaners on power consumption

The unstable power consumption impacts the vacuum cleaners. The majority of the vacuum is designed 12amp models, which consumes more electricity for cleaning over the hard surface or floor. But using the 10 MPs vacuum can minimize the electricity bill.

Impact of disposing of vacuum cleaners

 The disposal of vacuum cleaners creates a bad impact on soil. Sometimes the disposing of vacuum cleaners cause landfills and wastes the scarce resources of petroleum and copper.

Impact on health

Most vacuum cleaners are heavily weighted or bulky. It is not easy to carry or lift easily. Sometimes it may cause pressure on your muscles as well. Again, it burns your energy level, which makes you weak. It is also quite tough to move up and downstairs.

 Harmful for hearing

Some vacuum cleaners are so noisy, and they damage hearing levels. The effects of loud and long-lasting sounds cause hearing loss. The loudness of sound refers to decibel, which measures hearing sensitivity. The normal level of the decibel is 45 to 60. So the vacuum cleaner’s sound level should not be more than the normal level.

Can vacuum cleaners spread the virus?

No, there is no strong evidence of spreading the virus through vacuum cleaners. But cheap vacuums can pick up the virus and spread it in the environment. 

Last, of all, you should be concerned about your vacuum cleaners while using or disposing of them. To save you and your family from the harmful effects of using a vacuum cleaner, you should prioritize the design, shape, price, durability, and environment-friendly vacuums.  



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