Bissell cleanview rewind pet bagless vacuum cleaner

Bissell cleanview rewind pet bagless vacuum cleaner

Bissell cleanview rewind pet bagless vacuum cleaner

This is a powerful cleaner that picks pet hair that has been scattered across different places in a home. It has lightweight which makes it easy to use and handle, besides that, it makes sure that your surfaces are clean and do not have any dirt at all.             It makes sure this is completed in many ways.

First is the brush roll that works in a triple manner. It makes sure that dirt is loosened as it embarks on picking it without having many problems. It is then combined with Scatter Free Technology which works on the hard floor and can do confident cleaning even on troublesome messes.

It has a bristles sweep which can sweep out slum from almost all edges and corners this makes a house clean even with corners that cannot be easily be cleaned. It operates on the use of an Automatic Cord button which has a 25 power cord that quickly wraps itself back to it so you don’t need to wrap the cord manually.

It has a larger emptying silt tank which operates filth with a push of a button. This makes it perfectly fit to be used on types of floors and surfaces. It has multi-cyclonic suction which locks dirt inside for extended cleaner performance. It has washable filters and it has a multi-level filtration system which helps in keeping filters cleaner longer.


  • It can be used on a hard floor
  • It has a lower power rating this makes it economically in terms of power consumption
  • It has a multi-cyclonic suction that locks dirt inside the vacuum cleaner and extends its performance with no loss of suction
  • Its filtration system is washable
  • Its cord can wrap itself hence one does need to wrap the cord again


  • It has greater suction power which means it has a higher ability to get more sludge and pets hair from coaches and other surfaces
  • Designed to be used specifically by the dog or cat owners
  • Comes in a variety of colors hence a buyer can choose a color he or she wants, this aim is to meet customers satisfaction
  • Edge to edge cleaning provides a powerful cleaning on all edges of every room in your home.


  • It does not have front lights
  • Materials used to make the cleaner are insubstantial and can easily break when high pressure is applied to it

Final verdict

Bissell is easy to empty when it is full, during purchase it comes with an additional cleaner which is essential when you have a lot of o dirt to dirt to clean and it is easy to be assembled.

Not only does the company sell its products, but they also run a pet foundation called Bissel Pet Foundation which is funded by every purchase made on its products which is $10 for all purchases made on its products. This means that every purchase that is made will be geared towards saving a pet.


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