15 Best vacuum for hardwood floors and stairs in 2021

best vacuum for hardwood floors and stairs

To clean stairs are quite difficult. Best vacuum for hardwood floors and stairs, but it is tough to choose a perfect vacuum cleaner to clean the stair. As you know, most of the vacuum is quite heavy, though the heavy vacuum is not the right cleaner to clean any stairs. Because we have to lift the vacuum on different stairs for cleaning purposes. Again, there are so many vacuum cleaners in the market. Some are cheap and some are expensive as well. But as a customer, it is hard to know about the quality of the vacuum. 

How can you select the best vacuum for stairs from thousands from the market?

Here, I’m trying to help you with this matter. I’m giving the 15 best vacuum cleaners information and drafting all the main points of them. I picked out some excellent vacuum cleaner models. These models will be helpful for your cleaning assistance.  

So let’s know about all the reviews of some best vacuums and choose the best one.

The factors you need to consider while selecting the best vacuum cleaner for stairs

 When you are going to select the best vacuum for stairs, you should consider the following things first-

Easy portability and longer cord: A portable and longer corded vacuum help to move an easy cleaning process. The stairs have corners and the corners are difficult to clean. A longer and movable vacuum can clean those remote areas easily.

Crevice tools: The crevice tool helps in deep cleaning. So while you are buying any vacuum, make sure about the crevice tool that is included with the vacuum.

Lithium-Ion batteries: As you have to move the vacuum in different places for cleaning the stairs, its charge may be low or lengthen your running work. So try to choose a rechargeable vacuum with lithium-ion batteries to run your activities smoothly.

Special filters:  The cleaning machine should be included with special filters like HEPA filters. The filter should be washable as well.

Here Top 15 vacuums for hardwood floors and stairs

1. Eureka WhirlWind Bagless Canister vacuum for hardwood floors

best vacuum for hardwood floors and stairs


The Eureka whirlwind is one of the best Vacuums for stairs that clean the way you want. It is an innovative multi-surface cleaner that cleans accurately with its whirlwind canister vacuum. It has an integrated airflow control system. You can easily switch it with your fingertips. There are 3 settings for cleaning these are carpet, hard floors, and upholstery.

This vacuum is light-weighted and the weight is less than 8 pounds. Its other outstanding features are swivel steering and a telescoping metal wand, which helps to move easily maneuver around furniture, stairs, and anywhere in your home.

There are a 2.5L dust cup and washable filters. When you need it, you can wash the filter.  Zero maintenance cost and no bags or filters required. This blue color Eureka is corded electronic.

Eureka’s 2-in-1 crevice tool and dusting brush help to clean the windows, corners, and around furniture. It is also a time saver. As it is easy to empty the dust cup, automatic cord rewind all increase the cleaners cleaning efficiency naturally. The extended cord helps to clean the hidden and remote areas.

Some important features:

Every tool of the Eureka can be attached and detached. Because it has snap-fit accessories and each part can lock securely.

It is light-weighted and easy to maneuver.

The filter components are washable and reusable.

Its 16 feet long cord help to larger reach for cleaning.

The cyclone filtration system helps to enjoy the high performance of air filtration.


  • The Eureka is a great vacuum cleaner with powerful suction.
  • It is easy to use and works smoothly on all surfaces.
  • By pressing one button, quickly empty the 2L dust cup after cleaning.
  • Easy to clean stairs, windows, sofas, hard to reach a place, and more.
  • The automatic cord rewind rescues you from cord wrappings.


  • The vacuum does not work well on the carpet.

Final verdict:

Eureka is a superb vacuum cleaner as it cleans the way you want. No need to use the bag for it. The clear plastic container lifts over the base of the cleaner. Just open the top lid and dump the dirt into the trash container. It will be helpful cleaning assistance for you as it works multiple surfaces smoothly.

2. BISSELL  vacuum Pet Hair Cleaner

best vacuum for blue and white


The Bissell vacuum is featured with a motorized brush tool that will help you to remove all embedded dirt and pet hair from surfaces. It is the best vacuum for stairs for lithium-powered cleaning with a 14V lithium-ion battery. The dirt cup capacity is 0.7 liters and easy to empty the dirt bin. This hand vacuum comes in the market with some useful pet tools. These are a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a motorized brush roll.

 Its triple-level filtration helps to improve the cleaning performance of the vacuum. The BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Hand Vacuum especially takes care of miscellaneous pet messes.

The most impressive thing is Bissell will donate 5 dollars for each pet hair eraser purchase, upon activation. Don’t use the vacuum in any flammable area.

Some important features:

The Bissell is a perfect vacuum for convenient pet mess cleaning.

Its motorized brush use for removing embedded pet dirt.

Upholstery tool cleans soft surfaces.

The crevice tool helps to clean hard-to-reach areas of the house.

It has a large and easily empty dust bin.


  • Removes all types of hair dirt from multiple surfaces.
  • The lithium-ion battery is lasting longer and the dirt busting sessions are up to 10-12 minutes.
  • It is a powerful title vacuum and easy to carry.
  • Works amazingly on all surfaces.
  • The filter is washable with water.


  • It can take many hard things from the surface.

Final verdict:

This amazing vacuum cleaner is highly recommended for pet owners. This vacuum not only works on stairs but also cleans the sofa and other surfaces. It is easy to open and easy to dump out.

3. Eureka Vacuum Flash Lightweight Stick

best vacuum for hardwood floors and stairs


The Eureka flash vacuum cleaner is an expert in multi-cleaning with the fingertip brush roll. The motorized floor nozzle can easily move on the carpet or hard floor. This best vacuum for stairs is also portable to hand vacuum so that it can easily clean the tight space, car interiors, and stairs. It is light-weighted and the weight is about 6.3 pounds.

You can control and maneuver the vacuum easily because it has swivel steering. The LED headlights find out the dust or debris under furniture and cupboards. So you get a fresh and healthy environment in your home.

The 30 feet long cord helps to clean hard to reach the place and it is easy to empty. It comes out in the market including a storage base, crevice tool, and 2-in-1 dusting brush.

The power source is the corded electronic type and the voltage is 120 volts.

Some important features:

The power section of the cleaner ensures the perfect cleaning on the carpet and hard floor.

Easy to maneuver and perfect for cleaning around the furniture.

The vacuum can easily carry and fit anywhere like closets and corners.

Easily can covert to hand vacuum and emptying the dust cup into the rubbish without having to touch anything.

Its 30 feet cord ensures the cleaning from the ground to the ceiling.

It is a corded bagless stick vacuum.


  • Its advanced swivel steering provides excellent control while working on multiple surfaces.
  • Eureka has a washable filter.
  • 40 minutes of long-lasting run time.
  • It can do an excellent cleaning job from the hard floor of stairs.
  • Designed with some convenient features such as swivel steering, LED headlights, easy to empty dust cup, the Flash makes actual deep cleaning a breeze.


  • It is not perfect for the carpet.

Final verdict:

 The Eureka is incredibly simple, amazingly powerful, and it can store easily in a small place. It is a complete home cleaning solution to give you a healthy environment for living. So I highly recommend the vacuum.

4.  Hoover MAXLife Pro Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum for hardwood floors and stairs


The MaxLife pro is an awesome cleaner for the pet owner. It’s working for multi-purposes like cleaning pet hair, dirt on the furniture, stairs, and hard-to-reach areas. This best vacuum for stairs performs like new 3x longer. The greater MAXLife System delivers longer-lasting suction to maintain the highest performance without regular filter maintenance.

It gives a powerful cleaning on all types of floors. Where dirt is hidden in your house, this cleaner can easily reach that place and clean quickly with the brush roll. The xl dirt cup helps to catch more dust and it is easy to empty. Item dimensions of the products are 11.5 x 12.5 x 45 inches.

Some important features:

The hoover comes out in the market without a bag.

It works on the hard floor, stairs, carpet, and dual-action.

The vacuum-sealed allergen with heap media filtration.

It has great suction power.

This vacuum is designed with a large dust cup.


  • Hoover is a powerful vacuum with great attachment.
  • It easily can reach mess areas.
  • The Hoover works well on the hard floor without scratching.
  • The suction picks up more dust, pet hair, and dirt than another vacuum.
  • It is light-weighted so easily can move on the stairs.


  • It is not self-propelled.

Final verdict:

The Hoover has long-lasting durability so that it can work for a long time. The light and the placement of the brush roller also switch easily. It is a handy item and works so smoothly on all types of stairs. 

5. Lefant Robot Best vacuum for stairs, Low Pile Carpets, M201

best vacuum for hardwood floors and stairs


Lefant Robot is an innovative and awesome brand. It is one of the best vacuums for stairs that focus on robotic vacuum cleaners and other smart appliances.

It helps people to enjoy their lives. Lefant is committed to making great products to engage loyal customers around the world. The model is M201 and it is small in size. So it cleans easily under and around the furniture, bed, and sofa.

 It has 1800pa powerful suction and the suction can pick up any kind of hair and dust from the surfaces. It has a long-life battery which ensures longer life and better safety.

The robot is equipped with WiFi and is well-matched with and Alexa & Google Assistant.

Charging base, the M210 robotic vacuum cleaner, power adapter, dust bin, 2 HEPA filters, cleaning brush, 2 side brushes, user manual, and worry-free 12 months of protection are included with the vacuum.

It can use on low and medium carpets and very dark floors. It is not suitable for high-pile carpets. But there are some restrictions. You should follow these rules. Please try to organize the room. Don’t place cables, socks on the ground floor. Otherwise, the robot may be entangled with the wire while working.

Some important features:

Lefant has a double battery and no need to replace the battery as it has a longer life.

Unique brushless motor design features low power consumption and strong suction (1800 Pa) to confirm the thorough cleaning of your house.

It has a 500ml large dustbin, holds more dust per cleaning.

It is designed with remote control and scheduling mood.

Lefant doesn’t bump on things.


  • Lefant is a perfect vacuum for narrow spaces and high flow rates can be achieved.
  • It has a smart and compact body that helps to clean more surfaces.
  • It is suitable for all types of floors.
  • The vacuum is easy to clean and no need to replace the rotating brush.
  • The running time is 100 minutes.


  • No cons are especially found.

Final verdict:

The Lefant is an outstanding invention of modern technology. It’s a time saver vacuum.

 All features are made this robotic vacuum an excellent cleaner. So all the users of the cleaner are highly glad and recommended this vacuum as helpful assistance.

6. Best vacuum for stairs carpet Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum


best vacuum for hardwood floors and stairs


Eureka Blaze stick Vacuum is working on stairs, hard floors, area rugs, carpets, and low piles. The stick vacuum can assemble all the dirt and cleans it deeply. This best vacuum for stairs is to customize your vacuum for your needs. The swivel’s steering ensures maneuverability and has an outstanding cleaning efficiency.

Another facility of this cleaner is a large nozzle that picks a large amount of debris easily.  The powerful 2 amp motor picks up particles like dust and dirt, while the washable filtration system captures the debris and improves air quality.

It has an 18’’ power cord which helps to reach the hard place and do the job faster. The rate is also cheaper than other vacuum cleaners. You can get it at only 4 pounds from anywhere.

The floor nozzle, crevice tool holder, user manual, hand vacuum, and handle are included with the vacuum.

Some important features:

Eureka has a multi-floor cleaning feature with a fingertip brush roll. It controls and motorized floor nozzle to simply switch between carpet and hard floor.

It is light-weighted and easily can convert as a portable hand vacuum.

Advanced swivel steering offers excellent control.

It has a removable dust cup.

The washable filter can wash after every use.


  • Eureka blaze is much safer and more environmentally safe than other vacuums.
  • It is a little vacuum. So easy to handle.
  • The large dust cup helps to assemble the dirt quickly.
  • It has a multi-floor cleaning advantage.
  • Eureka has long-time durability.


  • It is a bagless vacuum.

Final verdict:

 Eureka, a little vacuum is available at a cheap rate. The wheels are made of rubber. So it works without scratching on the floor. This vacuum is perfect for quick clean-up. That is why you can choose the best vacuum for stairs.

7. The best vacuum for stair carpets Prolux Tritan

best vacuum for hardwood floors and stairs


 Canister Vacuum (Tritan Black):

The Prolux Tritan is a powerful vacuum with great suction power. It is specially made for cleaning carpets, rugs, stairs, hardwood floors, tiles, and other multiple surfaces. This best vacuum for stairs rubber wheels and onboard tools ensures the complete protection of your floor.

There is a useful feature that is an anti-allergy sealed HEPA filtration system. This vacuum pulls allergens off from the floor with its 3 stage filtration. Consequently, the air in the home remains fresh, cool, and clean. It is very safe for those who are suffering from allergic problems.

The Prolux is a long-lasting vacuum. It has a warranty to back up. It is thin and light weighted, designed with rubber wheels. So it works on the carpet without scratching.

These vacuum cleaners come with some convenient tools. These are like duster brushes, for discharging dirt as well as all other dust. Its crevice tool helps to get dust from cushions and the wall. The upholstery is used for couches and car interiors. It has also two main heads. One head is a spinning brush roll, especially use for carpet and another one is used for cleaning the hard floor.

Some important features:

The Prolux has 5 motor settings which allow for the perfect power output for any type of cleaning.

This vacuum is designed with 3 stages of filtration including a Hepa filtration system.

There are an adjustable wand, multiple-stage suction control, and a tool for all cleaning activities.

It is light-weighted and easy to carry.

It has a big suction and a compact body.


  • The Prolux has good suction power.
  • It comes with some convenient tools.
  • Designed with a good filtration system.
  • The hose is flexible like any regular vacuum.
  • It is the best vacuum with a variety of features.


  • The hose length is quite short.

Final verdict:

The Prolux is one of the most simple machines you will use forever. It is a complete cleaning solution and is highly recommended by users.

8. BLACK+DECKER dustbuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless

best vacuum for hardwood floors and stairs


Black+Decker dustbuster handheld vacuum is an expert cleaning solution for quick clean-up activities. It is one of the best vacuums for stairs as it has lithium technology, fade-free, and strong suction power. Its translucent bagless dirt bowl can see the dirt easily from all surfaces and empty the dirt cup. This vacuum has a long-life battery and holds the charge for up to 18 months. 

BLACK+DECKER hand vac is lightly weighted. So you can quickly clean around the home. The cyclonic action helps to clean dust and debris from the filter and keep the suction strong. Rotating slim nozzle works for a selection of applications, removable, washable bowl, and filters for a full cleaning. The smart Charge Technology of this vacuum uses up to 50 percent less energy. Air Watts: 15.2 Watts and voltage: 16V MAX.

CHV1410L hand vacuum, Crevice tool, Flip-up brush, Washable filter are included with this hand vacuum.

It has 2 years of warranty.

Some important features:

Black +Decker has the advantage of a 4-hour fast charging base.

Easy to the empty dust bowl.

Dustbowl capacity is 20.6 ounces and it has a washable filter.

The lithium-ion advantage helps the vacuum to give an outstanding performance of cleaning.

It has good suction power.


  • BLACK + DECKERHand Vac is ideal for quick Pick up dust.
  • This vacuum works great on hard surfaces for pet hair.
  • Changing the system of the filter is easy and normal.
  • This hand vacuum can run for a long time.
  • it’s easy to use, clean, charge and it has a strong suction power.
  • 6. The rotating nozzle assembles the dirt smartly and effectively.


  • Quite hard to pull the vacuum.

Final verdict:

It is really important to clean the filter after use. It will be kept the suction strong on both of these handheld vacuums.

9. BISSELL vacuum Icon and pet hair

best vacuum for black and white


BISSELL Icon is the best cordless pet hair removable Vacuum. This is the best vacuum for stairs that also care about the floor and are ready to clean around your home. ICON pet Cordless vacuum specially designed for pet owner’s homes. It has a high-Powered digital Motor and 22v lithium-ion battery. So it works faster while cleaning your floor and car.

The brush roll never wrapping with pet hair and also clears the hair. Due to its LED lights, you can see and clean the dirt under the furniture very clearly. It also can convert into a hand high-reach vacuum from a stick vacuum. It is a specialized pet tool for cleaning all the messes where your pet goes. The machine can work on all types of surfaces like area rugs, carpet, bare floors, sealed hard floors, pet beds, low pile carpet stairs, and upholstery. BISSELL supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and it is intended to help the safety of homeless pets by selling this product. Bissell donates for a homeless pet. So you are not only buying Bissell products but also helping to save the homeless pet. 

Some important features:

Bissell has a motorized Turbo Brush and lighted-LED Crevice Tool.

22v Lithium-ion Battery allows cordless convenience with three cleaning modes.

 Easy converting system.

It is light weighted.

Easy to clean dirt tank with clean slide technology.


  • Bissell comes in the market with a long-life battery.
  • The dirt bowl is easy to empty.
  • Suction works great for picking up hair and all types of debris.
  • The installation of the charging power and tool is very easy and simple.
  • It moves well while cleaning.


  • The top is quite heavy. So it can’t stand up on its own.

Final verdict:

Bissell Icon is a well-built stick vacuum. It has a good running time and the operating system of the vacuum is so easy.  You can change the attachments easily. It cleans all the dirt and gives a healthy look to your home. So it would be a great assistance for you.

10. BuTure Cordless Vacuum for Carpet/Floor/Pet/Stair

best vacuum for red and white


BuTure cordless is a useful vacuum for cleaning carpet, floor, pet, and stairs. It gives a perfect cleaning to all types of surfaces. BuTure is one of the best vacuum for stairs, comes out in the market with a variety of useful features. 380w brushless digital motor and 26 KPA powerful suction mode can solve your daily cleaning needs. BuTure has a powerful 2600mah detachable battery that ensures the longest running time. It has a lithium battery and you can charge the battery in any suitable way.

No matter what is the user’s height. Because this vacuum is designed with a retractable tube and it can easily change its length in a different shape as the user’s height and cleaning needs. It is better than any stick vacuum. BruTure has good maneuverability and cleaning capacity.

The washable filter has a cyclone 4-stage filtration system. It can capture 99.99% of particular dirt. The Hepa filter and dust box also washable and can be detached.


BruTure has a detachable battery.

No need to install any attachment.

The electric floor brush roll can be rotated from 0 to 180 degrees, ensures deep cleaning, and can clean hard to reach the place.

It has 3 charge ways.

The crevice brush tool for clean all types of corners.

The brush is connected with the main body.


  • 1. BruTrue gives well to clean the crevices of sofas, corners, and bookshelves.
  • 2. It can simply convert the stick vacuum into a handheld vacuum.
  • 3. This vacuum has a washable dust box.
  • 4. The suction works greatly to pick up the dog’s hair.

5. The vacuum is light-weighted.


  • No cons are founded.

Final verdict:

This stick vacuum is so easy to use and control. As it is light-weighted, easy to move around the house. BruTure has a great power to suck or pick up big and small debris from all types of surfaces. So this vacuum is highly recommended for the buyers or by the users.

11. Best vacuum for stairs Vac Life Handheld, Black & Orange (VL189)

best vacuum for read and white


Vac life is a compact and effective handheld vacuum, helps you a convenient way to clean your home. This is the best vacuum for stairs which is cord-free and light-weighted. You can move it anywhere for cleaning purposes like stairs, cars, kitchens, and hard-to-reach areas.

This is a small type of vacuum but does multiple cleaning activities. It cleans dust, picks pet hair from carpet or stairs, kitchen, living room, and offices. This vacuum shows outstanding performance on all types of surfaces as well.

 The vacuum comes out in the market with a powerful motor and long-lasting battery. This is a portable vacuum having 2 different attachments which ensure the better cleaning that meets your expectation.

The brush roll helps to lose hair and dust from things where dirt is strictly stuck. Corners, sofas are also can be cleaned easily with its crevice nozzle tool.

This handheld vacuum features a bright LED Light, helpful for cleaning dark places and corners.


Vac Life has a fast-charging capacity.

It is a cord-free and hassle-free vacuum cleaner.

Vac is designed with the Led light for cleaning a dark place.

Brush tool for cleaning paper scraps, food debris, cigarette ashes, pet hairs, etc.

Crevice nozzle tool for deep cleaning on surfaces.

Made with good suction power.


  • The vacuum is light-weighted and rechargeable.
  • It helps to clean the home or office with its powerful suction.
  • Effective in all types of cleaning.
  • As the vacuum is portable. So easy to use.
  • The vacuum helps for quick cleaning activities.

Final verdict:

VacLife is a little and comfortable handheld vacuum. It will be a great cleaning machine for your home. If you have more inquires or questions about the vacuum you can contact with Vaclife customer team.

12.  Hoover vacuum Wind Tunnel 3 Max

best vacuum for red and red


Hoover’s Control and clean the mess areas of your house. It works based on the type of surfaces. This best vacuum for stairs has WindTunnel 3 technology in the nozzle. 1.42 liters large dust cup captures much dust and can empty the cup in a short time. The carbon HEPA filter catches or filters all the hair dirt from the carpet. By using the on-off button of the brush roll, the vacuum can be transferred for different cleaning purposes on the carpet and hard floors. This type of vacuum can reach and clean under the furniture as it has a 15 feet long brush.

The vacuum comes in the market with pivoting dusting tool, crevice tool, and pet turbo tool.


Hoover is an effortless multi-floor cleaner.

It is perfect for catching pet hair as it has a large dust cup.

This vacuum has 15 feet extended reach capacity.

An extra-wide nozzle can collect more dirt.

It is excellent for multi-floor cleaning as it has a fingertip control system.


  • Hoovers 30 feet power cord helps to clean room to room without replugging.
  • This is a marvelous vacuum, never lose suction.
  • It is light-weighted and easy to move.
  • The vacuum has a good maneuver facility.
  • Washing of the filter and reassembling the dust is not difficult.


  • The on/off button is sometimes hard to push.

Final verdict:

Hoover can assemble the dirt in a short time. So you can keep clean your home by using this type of outstanding vacuum.

13. DEENKEE 6 in 1 best vacuum for stairs cordless stick

best vacuum for red, white, white


DEENKEE Multi-purpose Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is ready to solve your cleaning problem.  You can get rid of the problem of cords to hold them with one hand to clean. Because the vacuum can easily change into 6 different types of cleaning tools. It is one of the best vacuums for stairs that cleans all types of floor or corners. You can clean from keyboard to ceiling and hard-to-reach places with its floor brush and crevice tool.

The vacuum is designed with a 250W high-speed digital motor. It has a standard 10kpa suction. This suction power ensures the deep cleaning of your living place. You can clean hardwood floors, walls, low pile carpets, curtains, and under or top of the furniture. You will be surprised to know that the vacuum is stronger enough that it can pick up iPhone 7 and other thorny things.

 Its flexible motorized Led floor head can clean the dust under furniture and bed and helps to reach the remotest corners of the house. Besides, this brush roll can move 180° swivels sideways and 90°up and down.  

This exclusive vacuum is featured by upgraded 22oomah large lithium-ion batteries and assists to the vacuum run up to 35 minutes long. It is a perfect cleaner for your daily cleaning. It can capture 99.99% of the microscopic dirt.

There are a number of useful tools included with the vacuum such as 1 x User manual, 1 x DEENKEE cordless vacuum cleaner, 1 x 2-in-1 Dusting brush 1 x Multi-tasker motorized brush head, 1 x Charging adapter, 1 x Crevice nozzle, 1 x Wall Mount Attachment.


DEENKEE has a rechargeable battery. So it can run up to 35 minutes with its 18Kpa strong suction.

Easy to clean different types of floors as it has a flexible and ergonomic design. 

It has two power modes adjust with different cleaning systems.

6 in 1 converts to handle or stick vacuum when necessary.

It is a cord-free and hassle-free vacuum.


  • DEENKEE can easily pick up any kind of dust.
  • It can clean from floor to ceiling.
  • The cleaning method is so easy with one touch.
  • It has an extra washable filter.
  • Easy maneuvering system.


  • No cons are founded.

Final verdict:

DEENKEE is free for a 30days trial and it has 12 months warranty. As it has so many useful features, it is highly recommended for buyers. If you have any questions, DEENKEE customer service will respond within 24 hours.

14.  shark navigator upright vacuum cleaner


best vacuum for blue and white


This powerful upright vacuum is designed with lift-away technology. It works so easily, Just need to lift away the pod and clean anywhere in the house as you want.  It is the best vacuum for stairs that has all the cleaning capacity. The HEPA filter system catches 99% of dust and allergen from the surfaces. The vacuum’s body weight is only 12.5 pounds. So it is light weighted.

The swivel steering controls and use for maneuvering around furniture.

Dust cup capacity is 12 dry quarts and easy to empty.

Upholstery tool and 5.5-inch crevice tool are included with the vacuum.


Shark does versatile cleaning with Lift-away the brush.

Easy to switch spinning brush roll for gentle cleaning.

The navigator helps in excellent control in multi-purpose cleaning activities.

Anti-allergen captures 99% of the dust.

It is a corded and portable vacuum.


  • Shark has an outstanding power of sucks all types of dirt.
  • It can easily assemble the dust.
  • As it is light-weighted, it is easy to use.
  • Easy to clean the dust cup.
  • This is a great vacuum with good suction power.


  • 1. The head is quite heavy.

Final Verdict:

Shark is definitely helpful and works great on the stairs. It is also suitable for carpeted stairs as well.

15. iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity

best vacuum for Black and green


iRobot Roomba is a special type of vacuum that collect dirt from any corner of the house and lift and loosen small to large debris. It is the best vacuum for stairs, an expert in smart cleaning on the stairs too. As it is a robotic vacuum, You have to set the iRobot home app and order with your voice for scheduling the daily clean-up program.  iRobot Roomba is such an exceptional type of cleaning vacuum which can work by using Google Assistant and Alexa as well.

This robot cleaner has 3 stage cleaning system for grabbing dirt from carpets and hard floors. The dual multi-surface brushes catch the dirt from corners and edges as well.

The auto-adjust cleaning head automatically cleans your carpets and hard floors. The vacuum has a great sense of dirt detecting and it alerts the robot to clean the dirtier areas of your home.


iRobot is designed with an adaptive navigator.

It has dirt detect sensor facility.

The vacuum can automatically recharge.

iRobot has long durability.

It cleans daily dirt and debris by scheduling with the app or the user’s voice assistant.

The auto-adjust cleaning head automatically cleans carpets and hard floors.


  • Without recharging, it can run up to 90 minutes. So it has long-lasting battery life.
  • Easily loosen lifts, and sucks the dirt from surfaces.
  • It has an intelligent navigation system that navigates all types of dirt.
  • Specialized and smart home cleaner.
  • iRobot has also a smart quality of sense and eliminates dirt.


  • It is quite noisy while working.

Final verdict:

Robot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum having Wi-Fi Connectivity works smartly. It is highly recommended for elite, bulky, and smart users.


Here, all the above-mentioned recommendations for the buyers are given based on mostly used, upgraded design, outstanding features, price, and so on. We think these are the best vacuum for stairs at present. We have written all the reviews emphasis on the overall performance, capacity, longevity, portability, etc.

Now, you can choose what you would like from the list of the above vacuums, ranked by their performance on the stairs.  Everything has its dark side. So one vacuum can’t give anyone all the facilities that he needs. But he has to adjust to the updated situation for fulfilling his cleaning demand. Finally, I hope you will find out your desirable vacuum from the above-mentioned list.



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