10 Best Pool Vacuum Head of 2022: Buyer’s Guide

Best pool vacuum head

Everyone loves the idea of ​​a clear blue pond with no signs of leaf or algae growth. Unfortunately, pools can get dirty quickly. If you don’t know that, finding the best pool vacuum head can be a difficult task.

Hard work can delay cleanup, but with the perfect pool head vacuum, cleanup is a lot easier. We’ve reviewed pool vacuum head reviews to create a list of the best-rated vacuum heads on the market.

Here we discussed the Top 10 best pool vacuum heads

1. Weighted flexible swimming line head

Best Pool Vacuum Head


Shop New Swimline Hydro Tool The perfect pool vacuum head to do your pool cleaning job like a pro. It’s a simple product. However, thanks to its efficient system, users can get quick and long-lasting results without much effort. Perfect for cleaning concrete pools. I like the weighty design. Once adjusted, grip firmly to avoid scratching or damaging the bottom of the pool. It is also convenient to handle and clean.

Struggling to clean tight areas like parts of the pool or corners? If you can afford this vacuum head, buy it. The discreet design adapts to and cleans hard-to-reach areas. It also has a well-placed side brush that ensures excellent results.

The price of this vacuum head makes it an ideal product for personal use. Most homeowners can afford the initial cost. It’s also commendable that it works well on both 1.25″ and 1.25″.

  • Use most standard vacuum tubes
  • Effective side brushes
  • Easy to handle (probably)
  • Durable ABS plastic head
  • Brushes fixed with cheap plastic

2. American power supply, 14 ” flexible pool vacuum head

white, sky blue PoolHead


Have you ever brought leaves and debris into your beautiful outdoor pool? Cleaning should be outsourced to a professional. However, considering how much you are paying for the service, we recommend purchasing a new pool cleaner head. For example, these blue and white brands are attractive products that deliver excellent results. The head isn’t just wider, but it’s also designed to wrap around pool concrete floors better than most brands. If you have a device that is difficult to clean, you can find this device online.

No professional skills are required to set up and use this pool vacuum head. Made of high-quality plastic and pre-assembled. Smooth silicone wheels, for example, are safe on pool walls. It also incorporates an adjustment knob that fits most 1-1/2″ and 1-1/4″ vacuum hoses. Connect one end of the hose to the pool skimmer for cleaning.

The 14-inch head of this product is ideal for cleaning most pools and is one of its strengths. It’s a great product. It is also impressive that the head is getting heavy. The underwater pool head is easy to control.

  • 14 “Extra wide design
  • Safe pool wheels (eight)
  • Weighted design (easy to control)
  • Suitable for most vacuum hoses
  • Safe for concrete pools
  • It is not difficult as it is published

3. HydroTools from the vacuum pool

sky blue, white PoolHead


If you’re looking for a new pool vacuum head, Swimline has some of the best-selling brands. For example, this plastic crescent is a popular product that makes pool cleaning fun. You will love broadheads. Designed to absorb up to 10 inches of tape space, users can clean large pools in less time. A heavy design is also valuable. Even if you don’t have a pool like yours at home, you can easily control it underwater. Penetrates hard-to-reach areas and cleans them thoroughly.

Most people have automatic scrapers to clean their pools. It is convenient, but it only covers the surface of the pond. Look for Swimline HydroTools to clean your base without breaking the bank. It’s a bargain. And you can easily set up sophisticated designs using standard household tools. For example, a quick change pole fits 99% of the vacuum masts people have around their homes. In contrast, both 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ suction hoses are used for cleaning. This is a low-maintenance vacuum pool head.

  • Strong plastic head
  • Weighted design
  • Interchangeable brushes
  • It fits most standard hoses
  • A little unstable

4. HydroTools from Swimline pool vacuum head

sky blue, white PoolHead


The Swimline HydroTools Triangular Vacuum Head is ideal for vinyl and fiberglass coated pools. This tool can clean and soak up dirt, algae, and leaves.

With a practical handle for adjusting the clip. Easy to assemble telescopic rods of all common sizes. Second, the suction head fits both 1.25″ and 1.5″ suction hoses.

In contrast to the rectangular suction head, there is an angled brush at the bottom. Effectively catches all sediment and algae. Also, the suction head is evenly weighted to adhere to the floor. In general, this thin triangular suction head is an ideal suction head for algae and other foreign matter.

  • Includes sloping brushes
  • Suitable for standard vacuum hoses
  • The adaptive handle ensures ease of assembly
  • It Does not fit on curved surfaces

5. Ball Master 28300 Big Sugar Leaf  Pool Vacuum

Best Pool Vacuum Head


If you’re looking for an easy way to clean your vinyl pool liners, try the options below. Additional Features:

  • 11 Inch Wide
  • Triple Design
  • Made of Durable Plastic
  • Works with Standard Suction Hose or Pool Poles
  • Brushes Are Replaceable

Why Consider This Pool Vacuum Head? Easy to Use, attaches to most standard pool hoses or poles. The real advantage, however, is the replaceable brushes. When the brush wears out, you can replace it with a new brush.

Another drawback is that this suction head is only suitable for vinyl film. Do not use this broom head in concrete or tiled pools. However, using a vinyl pool liner can effectively remove algae and debris. It’s inexpensive and you can replace the brushes as needed.

  • ABS plastic head
  • Good resistance to swimming
  • Urethane wheels run smoothly
  • Not a good option for a large pool

6. United States. 14 “Butterfly Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

Best Pool Vacuum Head


Vinyl-backed pool owners use vacuum heads in their pools in the USA. In addition to its durability, it features an EZ Buckle handle that easily attaches to your pool.
The universal swivel head joint accepts 1-1/4″ and 1/2″ vacuum hoses and is ideal for most shelf types. Its weight keeps it in constant contact with the ground, making it easy for everyone to use.

In addition to great features that make the process easier, this vacuum comes with a full 1-year warranty.

Besides the excellent features that make your process much more comfortable, this vacuum cleaner has a full one-year warranty.

  • EZ grip handle for fixing rails
  • A heavy object maintains contact with the bottom of the pool
  • Perfect for vacuuming vinyl lining
  • One year warranty
  • Compatible with the most common types of vacuum cleaners
  • You don’t get along with curved surfaces

7. Poolmaster 27250 high-performance flexible pool vacuum


Best Pool Vacuum Head


The classic range of Poolmaster pool drainage heads is one of the most popular brands on the market. If you’ve ever bought a brand that scratches your pool or doesn’t remove dirt, this is the one for you. The vantage triangle design is spacious. During operation, it covers an area of ​​up to 30 cm. This is convenient for those who have large pools. If you spend hours cleaning every week, this product will save you a lot of time.

Like most Poolmaster vacuum heads, this Clear View model has an innovative head that delivers excellent results. Made of durable transparent ABS plastic. Expect years of hard work from your new job. On the other hand, the full-width experience makes it easier to monitor cleaning. Finally, its weighted design has excellent swim resistance and a vinyl bumper to protect your pool from scratches. Safe to use in most pools.

Cleaning is a pleasure with this pool vacuum cleaner. For example, as I mentioned, it’s easy to operate. After soaking in water, grab the bottom of the pond and wash well. Channel-mounted polypropylene brushes increase efficiency. Dissolves dirt and deposits well and makes them easy to remove. Brushes can be easily replaced during transportation.

You don’t need an expensive pool pump to use this product. Its comfort is commendable. All you need is a standard pool pole and vacuum hose. Many quality brands are available from reputable online stores.

  • Spacious design
  • Replaceable polypropylene brushes
  • Vinyl bumper
  • Good resistance to swimming
  • Use standard rods and tubes
  • Hair does not last long

8. Residential and commercial pool cleaner

Best Pool Vacuum Head


For residential and commercial pools, consider the following pool vacuum heads. It has adjustable wheels and a 1.5-inch swivel hose connector.


  • Rotating Metal Handle
  • Ball Bearings for Smooth Rotation
  • Six Weights Support Underwater Pool Vacuum Head
  • Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts
  • Environmentally Friendly Design

The main feature of the pool vacuum head is its construction. This is the most durable pool vacuum head on this list. It should last for years. And it works fine. Easily attaches to your pool vacuum hose or pool pole. A swivel hose connector is also included to make the suction head more flexible and manageable.

This is a great option, but it has one major drawback. This is the most expensive vacuum cleaner in the pool. This is the first choice if there are extra costs for quality assurance. However, if you want better value, you should check out the rest of the suction heads.

  • Ideal for fiberglass and vinyl pools,
  • Weighted
  • Includes angular brushes
  • Run a little slowly

9. Kenwell automatic pool cleaner

Best Pool Vacuum Head


Kenwell’s robotic pool vacuum is equipped with a large, top-loading cartridge filter that quickly captures dirt and visible debris. It comes with 3 automatic modes for better cleaning at low speeds. The long cable prevents tangling and makes cleaning a breeze. Suitable for small to medium-sized pools on the horizontal plane or with an inclination of 15 degrees.

This automatic pool cleaner supports application control for quick download from App Store and Google Play, so you can easily manage your smartphone settings. The twisted cord design allows you to clean your pool without tangling. This robotic pool cleaner features a large internal filter basket with a top-loading construction that catches dirt and debris while providing easy access.

A quality product has a timer function that allows you to schedule operations every 3, 2, or 1 hour, so the device will automatically clean your pool according to your schedule. The device has 4 modes, allowing you to clean the pool bottom and walls separately or together depending on your needs. This robotic pool cleaner features anti-roll technology to prevent unwanted drops and damage.
  • It covers the walls and the floor
  • Anti-tipping technology
  • Set the self-timer
  • Limited colors are available

10. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 side pressure pool vacuum head

Best Pool Vacuum Head


Zodiac integrates ActivMotion sensor technology into superior mobility systems to provide devices that properly clean walls, waterlines, and floors. This robotic pool cleaner has a water cleaning system that allows the product to get dirty in tight corners and under stairs. The device measures 22 x 22 x 18.5 and is compact in size without much storage space. Easy to place.

This pool cleaner is equipped with vortex technology that allows the device to collect larger debris without affecting the suction power of the product. Ergonomic double drive system with water tires, you can comfortably clean your pool without damaging the surface. The compact dimensions of the pool cleaner make it easy to carry and store.


  • Recovery system
  • Vortex vacuum technology
  • Excellent navigation sensor
  • It’s the price

What should you consider when buying a pool vacuum head?

So far, we’ve gone through 10 reviews of the top-rated pool vacuum heads. You can choose anyone from the suggested list. However, if you do not know what to look for before making a purchase, then you cannot select the right one for your business. Here is a description of our buying guide that you should read.

Considering Optimal Pool Vacuum Head Design and Geometry

Vacuum head design is essential to define coverage. You see a lot of design and a lot of branding elements. Triangles are the most popular because they cover a large area and can reach almost every corner of the pool floor. This design product allows you to work comfortably.

A rectangular suction head is also standard equipment. The square suction head has casters so it can be moved quickly. You can also choose a butterfly or round design if you prefer.

How wide is the vacuum end of the pool?

The wider the pelvic cavity, the better. However, extreme amplitudes can limit the movement of the pelvic vacuum head. Manufacturers consider 11 or 12 inches to be the best width for cleaning pools. This size is perfect for allowing the vacuum head to move freely and clean efficiently.

Does the product have wheels or not?

A suction head with a movable pool makes cleaning the pool more convenient. Wheels allow the suction head to be easily moved through the water. However, the shape of the suction head is also important.

A rectangular basin suction head cannot easily reach narrow spaces even with wheels. If ordering one of our favorites, we recommend purchasing the triangular pool vacuum head along with the wheels. Some wheels are equipped with bearings that reduce friction and support the weight of the litter head. In general, this approach helps reduce the load on the wheels.

Consider the quality of the material

The drain heads for the pool are mainly made of high-quality plastic, such as ABS plastic. You might be wondering if all the vacuum heads are plastic. What else should you check? Well, you need to check if the vacuum head can withstand heavy use without breaking.

Vacuum head handles

Most of the vacuum head grips you see are made of either filament plastic or stainless steel. Even when active, plastic buttons can be broken in any unsafe situation. If used carefully, the plastic handle will last for many years.

However, some people find plastic buttons a better option, while others choose stainless steel handles. If it is not possible to break, plastic buttons are the best option. Otherwise, select vacuum heads with stainless steel handle when considering the strength.


If you already have pool cleaning accessories, you need to find a compatible vacuum head. The discharge head must fit any standard vacuum hose and telescopic rod. You need to purchase these attachments separately.


Finally, decide how much you spend on the empty header. Remember, the more features there are, the more expensive the product. We recommend investing in a reliable vacuum head, even if one is available at a reasonable price.


How often should I vacuum my pool?

Answer: Well, it depends on how often you use it and how you use the pool. For example, you should clean the pool once a week if you use it every day. If you have been using the pool for a long time, you do not need to clean it often. If you cover the pool or do it regularly, you do not need to clean the pool very often.

How do I connect my vacuum head?

Answer: Straightforward! The vacuum head contains two separate rods for connecting the telescopic rod and the hose. Connect a section of the telescopic rod and the other parts to one end of the vacuum hose.

So, finally, connect the other end of the pipe to the water inlet nozzle. This nozzle directs clean water through the hose.

How does a vacuum head for the pool work?

Answer: The pool vacuum head works as follows:

When it starts, air bubbles are created that define how water is absorbed. Then the hose is filled with water and at the same time with air bubbles, and they disappear. Then the filter nozzle captures dirt through the water.

How do you use the vacuum head of the pool?

Answer: Using a vacuum cleaner head is very similar to vacuuming carpets. You need to make sure that the vacuum cleaner is flat on the surface. We mentioned above how to connect the hose and the telescopic rod to the vacuum head.

How long can the vacuum of the pool last?

Answer: As with any tool, the life expectancy of a pool vacuum head depends on the frequency of use. If you take proper care of the vacuum cleaner head, it can last at least two years and more. However, you can replace the brush and applicator separately.


You do not pay an exorbitant fee for cleaning the pool. The ten best pool vacuum heads we analyzed give excellent results without costing people a fortune. They are easy to use. The high-quality material makes it durable. Buy an authentic brand that you like to clean.


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