Best hardwood floor vacuum

Cleanliness is the most important part to lead a healthy life. At the same time, it is a difficult task as we are being busy with other family chores. But science and technology have made this difficult task easier. A vacuum cleaner is such a type of discovery of modern science.
A good quality vacuum cleaner can remove the dirt from the remote corner of your house.
It can be used to easily clean your floors, carpet, stairs, furniture, and other things as well. You can also use it to clean your pet’s hair easily.
So, if you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner that gives a real impact on your life, I suggest some Best hardwood floor vacuum cleaners for cleaning your sweet home.

Factors you consider while selecting the best vacuum cleaner.

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, there are some important things to consider.
The first thing you need to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner is whether it is easy to handle or move? Because if you can’t handle it properly, you can’t work with it smoothly. Next, consider the assessment of the quality of the vacuum cleaner. Its longevity depends on quality. Vacuum cleaners come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose the desired sizes and shapes easily. It is also a necessity for choosing a light-weighted Vacuum cleaner for easy push and pull. Again, you have to consider a Vacuum cleaner having a good filter and high-efficiency filtration system.

1. BISSELL Cleanview Vacuum Cleaner, 24899, Green


The Bissell Cleanview is a powerful pet hair dirt remover and cleaner. The cleaner is specifically made for the pet owner. This best hardwood floor vacuum is light-weighted and easy to handle. Its Triple Action Brush Roll easily catch pet hair and removes it from all over the house. Besides this, it’s Scatter free technology to clean the hard dust of the floor. This green color Bissell has automatic cord rewind wraps and a 27’ power cord. It wraps the cord automatically. So you don’t have to wrap the cord. As it provides a powerful cleaning system that cleans all the corners of your room. It can also get the dirt out of your cleaned room as well.

The cleaner also has a large capacity of clean empty tank with the press of a button. It has some special pet clean tools. These are turbo eraser, pet hair corner tool, crevice tool extension wand, and dusting brush. The power source type is corded electronic. It is a washable filter for cleaning machine and its multi-level filtration system makes it long-lasting.


1.The Bissell has a washable filtration system.
2.Multi-cyclonic suction locked the dirt inside and extends the performance of the machine.
3.Designed with retractable power cord.
4.Specially made for pet owners.
5.Used on hard floors.

1. Easily sucks the dirt and pet hair from edge to edge of the home.
2. Automatic cord rewind helps to wrap the cord automatic system.
3. It has a great suction power to get more hair than the other vacuum cleaner.
4. A perfect cleaner for cleaning the pet’s couch.

1. It does not have any front light.

Final verdict:

It is easy to empty when it is full. There has an additional cleaning piece with the Bissell cleaner. When you have to clean a lot of dirt, you can use it. There are two screws and it is easy to assemble.

2. Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Dark Black


Eureka is dark black color and specially designed for hard floor. It’s lucratively designed and onboard crevice tool helps to fulfill your necessity. Eureka’s signature swivels steering provides a standard and efficient cleaning. It can pick up a larger portion of dirt with easy stick vacuums. It is also perfect for area rugs, and low pile carpets. Eureka has a powerful 2 amp motor that catches easily dust and pollen. This best hardwood floor vacuum has a washable filtration system that captures the maximum dust of your house and decreases air pollution. The user of this cleaner can clean faster with it’s 18’ power cord and x-large dust cup. Its power source is corded electric and it can run up to 120 voltage. The product’s dimension is 6 x 10 x 44 inches and the Eureka’s weight is 3.97.
Eureka Blaze is safe and eco-friendly and you can take this at a cheap rate from anywhere.


1. Eureka requires 3 in 1 versatility as it can transform from stick vacuum to hand, hand to stair.
2. It has a capture nozzle that sucks all the dust through its large channel.
3. 18 ft power cord cleans from wall to wall.
4. Effective on hardwood, tile, and linoleum.
5. Easy to the empty dirt cup.

1. Perfect for quick cleaning.
2. Smoothly work on tile, carpet, and hardwood.
3. It has one washable filter.
4. Easy convert system. You can convert it stick to a portable hand vacuum.
5. It is light-weighted.

1. It doesn’t include any brush roll.

Final verdict:
As the Eureka has a converting system, you can convert it in any shape and size. Eureka is affordable and not too short long like another cheap vacuum. You can pick up all the dust from where you can’t reach. It is perfect for quick cleaning. So it is a time saver as well.

3. Bissell Featherweight Stick, Blue


This blue color Bissell vacuum works on the hard floor and it is run on corded electronic power. This type of product is especially powerful, convenient, and easy to use. The Bissell powerful suction helps to catch any dust easily. It is great for its quick pick up as well as multipurpose versatility. It has 3 parts such as a stick vacuum, handles vacuum, and stair vacuum. This type of best hardwood floor vacuum has a special part like a floor nozzle for stairs and a crevice tool for furniture. It works smoothly on carpets, countertops, and sealed hard floors. The capacity of the dirt cup is 0.67 liter.
The Bissell is pretty and feather-light.

1. It is appropriate for little crumbs.
2. The vacuum is light-weighted.
3. It works on all corners of the floors.
4. Made for hardwood floor.
5. Easy to assemble dirt.

1. Perfect for little crumbs.
2. Easy to convert in handheld from the stick.
3. Bissell has excellent cleaning power.
4. It has great suction supremacy.
5. This cleaner is little and easy to handle.

1. The cord is short.
2. As the vacuum is little, the collection chamber is tiny.

Final verdict:
The Bissell featherweight helps you to clean your carpets, area rugs, bare floors, stair, and all over your home. It works literally on all types of flooring. As it can convert in any size, anyone can use it easily.

4/ Hoover Pet Max, Blue Pearl



Hoover pet max blue pearl works on dual-action, hard floor, and carpet with a brush roll. This best hardwood floor vacuum ensures the deep clean of the top. Its extra pet tool kit cleans all types of pet hair from the floor. You will find all the tools that you need to clean the home smoothly. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning. It’s motor volts is 120 and motor watts is 1440watts. You can extend it up to 12 feet. So it is easy to clean floor to ceilings.
Upright vacuum, flexible dusting brush, pet turbo tool, and crevice tool are included with the vacuum. Product dimensions are 13.00 x 14.00 x 44.50 inches and the product’s weight 17.10 lbs.
1. Hoover has 12 amps.
2. It is light-weighted and easy to use.
3. Its powerful suction helps to assemble dust quickly.
4. Easy removable system.
5. Hoover is available in the market with a bag.

1. It can collect many hairs at a time.
2. This cleaner can remove pet hair dirt and sucks up dirt from the carpet.
3. The suction of this vacuum is very powerful.
4. Its wand attachment helps to reach a hard place.
5. The bin is very easy to empty.

1. It is big in size and quite heavy.

Final verdict:
This vacuum is the best tool for those who have a lot of pets at home. It is an expert vacuum cleaner to remove hair dirt. As it hasn’t any cord rewind, you have to spool the cord on the side of the unit. The Hoover vacuum has a wider head to help capture a lot of dirt at a time. It also works nicely on hard-woods.

5/ Eureka RapidClean Vacuum Cleaner, Essential


The Eureka Rapid clean pro comes out in the market with a lot of useful features. It is made with 100% fabrics and imported products. Its latest motor technology makes cleaning easy and systematic. It is also efficient for cordless cleaning as well. The Eureka can run on any surface up to 40 minutes long. You can power this best hardwood floor vacuum by the battery.
To better cleaning result in carpets and rugs, you can switch to max power on fingertip controls. It can increase the suction power by using it.
Easy rest hook helps you when need to take a break or rest. The easy rest nook also allows to prop the cleaner up on countertops and furniture. The dust cup is set on the front so that it can easily move under the furniture. Another outstanding feature is the LED headlights. So all the dirt and debris can see clearly.

1. The Eureka has an easy maneuverable system.
2. It is light-weighted.
3. Works on hardwood floors.
4. Long-lasting battery life and works up to 40 minutes.
5. The suction power also great.
6. There is a LED light to see the dirt and debris.

1. The rapid clean pro is light-weighted and its cordless design helps to easy cleaning process.
2. The dirt can be assembled within a short time.
3. Its cyclonic filtration system can separate the dust and large particles.
4. Easy maneuver system helps to clean every corner from any angle.
5. To pause in cleaning, just switch the rest nook.

1. As the handle is heavy, it is quite difficult to move.

Final verdict:
The Eureka rapid clean vacuum has a lot of outstanding features. So you can’t be disappointed to use it. It is a very useful cleaner that makes easy your household chores. You can easily empty the dirt cup after use. Eureka has the advantage of battery replacement too.

6/ Eureka WhirlWind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner



Eureka brand vacuum is an innovative multi-surface cleaner. Its dual-action helps to deep clean your hardwood floor. This best hardwood vacuum cleaner is light-weighted and easy to move on multi-surface. The weight is less than 8 pounds. An integrated airflow control on the handle. You can easily switch it. The Eureka has 3 settings such as hard floors, carpet, and upholstery. The cleaner can capture 3 liters of dust. Easy to empty the 2.5L dust cup container and it saves time as well. There are no maintenance costs, no bags, and no filtres with the vacuum. The dusting brush of it easily cleans the windows, corners, and under the furniture. Easy to use and less time struggling with the vacuum cleaner. The power source is corded electronic.

1. The vacuum comes out bagless in the market.
2. It has no maintenance cost.
3. Designed with a large dust cup and compact design.
4. It is light-weighted.
5. This is transferrable and easy to carry.
6. Especially made for hardwood floors.


1. The suction power is so great and sucks a lot of dirt quickly.
2. It is 8 pounds in weight. So easy to maneuver all around the home.
3. It can easily roll over its power cord.
4. The components are washable. So you can reuse them.
5. Each part can be locked and everything can be attached and detached easily.


1. The brush is more suitable for basic cleaning but not for pet hair.
2. It is not appropriate for carpeted floors.

Final verdict
The brush has not any wheels. So literally you have to drag and lift the vacuum area. It’s really cute and easy to carry around the house. But I wouldn’t suggest it if you have high pile carpets.

7/ Shark Rocket Stick Vacuum, Gray/Orange



This Shark Rocket corded stick vacuum can convert easily. You can easily convert it’s handheld to multipurpose use like floor to ceiling cleaning. This best hardwood vacuum cleaner has also extra tools to reach the hard place, to tackle pet hair, and to reach under the furniture. It’s fingertip controls help to switch easily hard floor to carpet cleaning.
The swivel steering can control and maneuver around the furniture. Shark Rocket corded stick vacuum, pet multi-tool, crevice tool, and precision duster are included with the vacuum cleaner. The whole product weight is 8.2 pounds and the hand vac weight is 3.01 pounds. This orange color vacuum works on a dual-action, hard floor, upholstery, and carpets.

1. The Shark Rocket can give powerful deep cleaning on any surface.
2. It has a nonstop corded performance.
3. Powerful pet hair picks up a system.
4. The Shark Rocket has whole-home cleaning versatility.
5. It includes handheld above-floor cleaning

1. Deep cleans your carpets and sucks all the specks of dirt from them.
2. It conveniences storage mood.
3. To clean up the upper section of the home easily after detaching the nozzle.
4. Easy to clean up dirt under the furniture.
5. It provides a heightened control system.

1. The dirt container is small.

Final verdict:
Having great suction power it works quickly to clean up the floor to ceiling easily. As it has a lot of cleaning attachments it will be helpful to clean your home deeply.

8/ Eureka NEU182A Vacuum Cleaner, Blue, Lite



The Eureka best hardwood floor vacuum cleaner is a powerful cleaner. It gives you a fresh and healthy cleaning service in your home. The dynamic motor and brush roll help to lift stubborn and heavy debris. You can move it easily as it is pretty light-weighted. This cleaner is easy to maneuver as well. The cleaner works smoothly on the carpet, hard floor, cars, ceilings, and shag rug. The dirt cup of the cleaners has 4.1 extra-large capacity and it can capture more dirt from the surface. It can empty the cup quickly.

The Eureka also comes out in the market with a lot of features like a Washable filter, an XL dust cup, accessories, and the 12.6 wide nozzles. Some awesome tools are included with the vacuum such as a dusting brush, a 7-inch long crevice tool, an upholstery tool for helping to clean hard place.


  1. It has a powerful suction.
  2. The powerful multi-surface having 5 height adjustment settings.
  3. Easy to empty the flip bottom.
  4. The cleaning path is 12.6 inches long.
  5. 26L large dust cup for emptying easily.


  1. It is helpful for pet owners. Because it has extra tools that they need.
  2. The cleaner is light-weighted and portable.
  3. Eureka helps to assemble the dust quickly.
  4. It has also an easy empty flip bottom and a washable filter.
  5. The cord has a good length.


1. It comes in the market place as a bagless cleaner.

Final verdict

The Eureka is very helpful to clean your large apartment with its long cord. It is an outstanding machine to buy and it gives great service to the customer.

9/ Shark Navigator, White/Grey


The shark navigator is specially made for pet owners. This best hardwood floor vacuum provides a quick and convenient hygienic on all types of surfaces. It does not only give you a deep cleaning facility but also give extended run time.

It’s power supply run by battery and the voltage is 18 volts. The Shark is designed with a powerful pet hair pick-up and a powerful motorized brush. The catch-up capacity of the dust cup is 0.64 quarts. Its 2-speed brush rolls ensure the deep cleaning of carpet and bare floor.


  1. Smoothly works on all types of surfaces.
  2. The swivel steering helps to easily maneuver.
  3. Its powerful motorized brush lifts all the pet hair from the carpet.
  4. The extra-large dirt cup allows more dirt.
  5. Strong suction power made this cleaner powerful.


  1. Helps in quick cleaning.
  2. It makes the surface neat and clean easily.
  3. The cord is extra-large and easy to empty dust.
  4. Easy maneuvering system.
  5. It ensures superior cleaning.


  1. It requires cordless convenience.

Final verdict

The Shark navigator works great on the hard floor and tiles. You can also choose it for your multi-purpose cleaning service in your home.

10/ Eureka PowerSpeed, Black



The Eureka is a fantastic vacuum cleaner to give a fresh and healthy cleaning to your sweet home. This best hardwood floor vacuum helps for deep cleaning. It aids you in cleaning your home with a low budget including all facilities of attachment. Eureka comes in the market with a lot of facility like 12.6 inches cleaning path, telescoping handle, washable filter, 5 height settings, easy-empty flip bottom, and extended reach of cleaning. . It works smoothly on carpets, ceilings, hardwood floors, cars, rugs, furniture, and any multi-purpose use.


  1. The Eureka is light-weighted and portable.
  2. Works on all types of surfaces.
  3. It has an extra-large dust cup.
  4. Made for pet owners.
  5. It has a washable filtration system.


  1. It’s powerful suction ensures deep cleaning performance on all surfaces.
  2. This light-weighted vacuum has a 12.6-floor nozzle help in easy cleaning.
  3. It has a pet turbo brush to catch the pet dirt.
  4. The wide floor nozzle helps to clean quickly.
  5. It is easy to use and carry.


  1. It comes in the market without a bag.

Final verdict:

It is an awesome cleaner that makes your difficult task of cleaning easy. You can take its all facilities with a low budget. This vacuum won’t disappoint you about cleaning.


Here, I mentioned all the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaners. You can do all the household chores especially for your neat and cleaning purpose using these cleaners easily. So now you can decide to choose your desirable vacuum cleaner from the above-mentioned cleaners.


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