The 5 Best Central Vacuum Systems in 2022:Buying Guide

Best Central Vacuum

If you’re looking for a new vacuum, then I’m here to help. In this article, I will highlight the best central vacuum systems of 2021 and what sets them apart from others on the market. Whether you want something that is affordable or durable, these options are sure to fit your needs!

We hope this list helps you decide which one is best for your home.

The Best Central Vacuum System of 2021 – Do you want your home to be cleaner and healthier? Are you tired of using the old vacuum that is at your disposal? If so, then it’s time to upgrade. A central vacuum system can do wonders for your living space. It will cut down on allergens and dust in the air, improve the quality of life for those with respiratory problems or allergies, as well as reduce stress levels when vacuuming becomes easier than ever before. After reading this article, I hope you’ll be more willing to make a purchase!

How Do Central Vacuum Systems Work?

Central vacuum systems are an essential component of any home. They work by sucking dirt and dust from floors, carpets, furniture — anything that needs to be cleaned! The system is made up of a motor unit permanently installed somewhere out of sight in your house (usually the basement or garage). It sounds like rocket science but it’s actually really straightforward: instead of carrying around vacuums every time you need to clean something, the central one will do all the hard work for you.

The Central Vacuum Systems are like a regular vacuum cleaner, but they suck up all the dirt and dust in your home. When you turn on this system’s suction through an outlet or hose attachment (1), it will last for as long as you hold down the power button! The only thing to remember is that when you’re no longer vacuuming around, be sure to release the pressure so other people don’t get stuck inside too!

.When you vacuum, dirt and debris are drawn into the pipes and through a filtration system. The collected dirt is then deposited into a large canister or container — much the same as what happens with your standard Vacuum! Finally, contaminated air is sent out of your home while fresh air enters it again.

Central vacuums are an easy and efficient way to clean your home without having to move the vacuum from room to room. All you have to do is unplug one end of the hose, plug in another outlet (or carry it outside), then turn on the system again when ready.

Why Invest in a Central Vacuum System?

If you’re struggling with a home that has many rooms, or two-story homes are your thing, then central vacuuming is the way to go. There are so many benefits including the convenience of use; less air pollution because it doesn’t require propellant gas like other units do (saves on those carbon emissions); and they’re surprisingly affordable when considering how much time saved over moving from one room to another after each cleanup! You won’t regret making this investment in yourself.

They are the most convenient

Central vacuum systems are the most convenient, attractive option for those of us who enjoy a clean home. The best thing about them is how easy they make it to keep things tidy – you don’t have to carry or push your vacuum cleaner anywhere! And with better range and power than handhelds or stick vacuums, there’s no trade-off in effectiveness either.

The main reason to have a central vacuum is convenience. Since the only thing you need to move is the hose and wand, connecting them will be a breeze; they’re stored near outlets for even faster access.

They say that central vacuums are the most convenient. If you have one, your workload will be reduced and there’s less of a chance for injury. They also take up less space because they don’t need to store an array of attachments in each room like their bulky counterparts do!

Low maintenance

Central Vacuum saves you time and money in maintenance. In comparison to traditional vacuums, each central vacuum dust canister has a larger capacity because the dirt is stored there instead of near your floorboards where it would be hard for regular-sized machines to reach or clean up. Central vacuum cleaners are also built with ease of use as well as simplicity in mind, so they’re generally much easier when empty than their smaller counterparts who have more parts that need disassembling before reaching the bin inside

One of the best things about central vacuum systems is that they are built into your home. This means you will not have to worry as much about replacements, which has major benefits for your time and money in the long run.

Improved Air Quality

Central vacuums are the next best thing when it comes to cleaning up your air. They’re larger than HEPA models, so they can suck all of that dirt and dust right out from under your bed or couch where you might have missed before. Plus, their fan will clean an entire room in minutes!

Central vacuum systems are more efficient than regular ones and they clean your space better. They remove polluted air right out of your home so the inside will be much cleaner for pet owners, those with allergies or asthma. You’ll breathe fewer allergens too because these devices require little maintenance.

Increases the value of your home

A central vacuum system does more than just keep your house clean. There are a lot of benefits to them, and one is that it increases the price for which people will be willing to buy your property (2). If this doesn’t convince you yet, there’s still another benefit worth mentioning: they make houses easier on sale since buyers can see how convenient they would be with their new purchase! So if you’re looking at selling or buying in the future? Consider adding some vacuuming power.

They are more efficient

Central vacuum systems are more efficient with stronger suction power than traditional vacuums. Central vacuums don’t have the restrictions of size and electrical capacity that can limit a traditional vacuum’s motor strength, which makes them much more effective when cleaning carpets or other hard surfaces in your home.

The central vacuum system is more efficient. It’s the reason we buy vacuums in the first place, isn’t it? The ultimate cleaning power is only a phone call away when you invest in one of these systems for your house.

How to Choose a Central Vacuum System

Choosing the right central vacuum system for your needs can be tricky. The first consideration is style, but once you’ve picked out a model that suits both your home and sense of décor, it may not offer everything you need. It won’t take up space in either storage or living areas because all components are stored on wall-mounted hangers; however, this also means it isn’t anywhere convenient to store excess power cords or tools like floor brushes when they’re no longer needed!

Is it a trusted product?

A central vacuum system is a substantial investment. You’re getting rid of all the dust, dirt, and debris that collects in your home on a daily basis for years to come so it needs to be durable enough for long-term use. It needs an output tone you can depend on day after day without any issues or concerns about its quality resulting from poor design or construction.

The higher price tag may seem like too much but if you think back over how many times you would have had to replace your old unit because of clogs caused by shortening hoses with rotted ends, then this will turn out cheaper than buying two separate units!

Who is installing it?

Since you’re investing in a long-term project, it’s important to get the best installation available for your needs. Hire professionals who have all of the tools and know-how needed to do an excellent job without damaging anything around them or going over budget at any point during their workday.

What else should I consider?

Central vacuum systems can be installed anywhere from under $500 to more than that depending on what kind of features are included with yours. If this is something worth investing in for yourself then don’t worry about where it will go inside of your home because there are many options as well!


It might seem like too much but I assure you if you invest in one now, you’ll never regret it.

Do the glasses match your home?

You want a central vacuum system that’s right for your home, and we’re here to help you find it. There are many things to consider when buying one of these systems- just make sure the square footage matches what would be appropriate in your space (manufacturers typically list this as well), or else you’ll never get high levels of suction from it!

Is the design the best?

Central vacuums come in all shapes and sizes. Some have design flaws that can leave the house dirtier than before you vacuumed, while others are more efficient and will save your time as well. The best central vac use bags to collect dirt which is less likely to clog up the machine or require frequent maintenance like a bagless model would need. Common models of this type often last longer because they don’t get stuck on their filters nearly as easily then cheaper brands do with plastic floors – though some find them too heavy for everyday cleaning tasks!

The Best Central Vacuums System of 2021

The best central vacuum system is the one you can buy. We spent hours reading product specifications and customer reviews, so we’re telling you our top five recommendations. The shoes that fit might not be for everyone but if a system fits your needs then find out more!

1. Electrolux QC600 Quiet Central Vacuum

black and white Central Vacuum


The Electrolux QC600 is the best choice for people who want to keep their mornings as peaceful and private as possible. Its small size also makes it a great option for smaller homes, but this vacuum packs quite the punch even in larger living spaces exceeding 8,000 square feet!

The sound foam motor prevents any loud noises from escaping too far out of your home or apartment. With an integrated muffler connection that helps reduce noise levels by up to 70%. This appliance has every feature you need so go ahead – put those noisy vacuums away forever with peace of mind knowing that there’s no better way than Central Vacuum!

Finding the perfect vacuum can be difficult. It takes some time to find what works best for you and your home, but this article has narrowed down a lot of options for you! In our opinion, these are five of the top Central Vacuum systems in 2021. These companies have put effort into their design so that they’re not just sleek and easy-to-use appliances; these machines should make your life easier too! Best of all: there’s something for everyone from small apartments to sprawling mansions with more than one floor!

What we love for it

It’s cool

The Central Vacuum is a quiet product. The unit sound level of 72 dBA will be similar to your dishwasher or washing machine and it has insulation so that you can have an unmatched sound level when compared with other brands, all while remaining very quiet.

Go Bagless

This bagless central vacuum system is perfect to go with your more convenient lifestyle. You can get a 4-gallon tank of dirt without the hassle, or you can even use bags if that’s what makes it easier for you!

Safe for Allergy Sufferers

This product is safe for allergy sufferers. This self-cleaning vacuum has a HEPA filter that removes 99,97% of dust and allergens in the home! So if you are worried about allergies, this system will satisfy all your needs. It comes with 10 years warranty on parts and labor as well – it’s definitely worth the investment.

Keep In Remember

Stops and Starts

The Central vacuum has a few issues. The machine will randomly stop after minutes of use and customer service said it needs a deep clean which isn’t covered in the warranty.

2. OVO Heavy Duty Central Vacuum

Best white Central Vacuum


The Central Vacuum System is the perfect choice for homeowners with larger homes. A durable steel casing houses a two-stage motor that can provide up to 9000 square feet of suction, which means you’ll never have any need vacuum again! Soft Start and Stop technology prolong your unit’s lifespan while preventing clogging. This efficient device features hybrid filtration, combining high-efficiency cyclonic filters and triple-layer disposable bags for more precision on even your most stubborn messes – like pet hair! The permanent filter also makes cleaning easy by being washable in the sink or dishwasher when needed too so there are no worries about it getting dirty from dust particles floating through your air at all hours of day or night.

The Central Vacuum is the ultimate household appliance that offers a variety of features. The unit has heat protection, air-containment gaskets to prevent suction loss, and an LED screen for easy monitoring among other great functions such as soundproofing which reduces noise by 65 decibels.

What we love for it

Thermal Protection

Central Vacuums use more energy, so they will overheat sometimes. They can also be expensive to repair if you damage the system by not protecting it from overheating!


When you purchase a vacuum cleaner, it is important to think about its anti-clogging features. With the soft stop function in this unit not only does dirt and debris stay outside of your home but also ensures that the system won’t clog up too! This combined with our soft start which eases you into cleaning preserves the condition of your vacuum for years to come.

It’s cool

Central Vacuum is the sound-proofing unit you need to make your home a quieter place. It drops its noise output all the way down to 65 decibels, making it one of the quietest central vacuum systems on the market! Not only does this help keep peace in a household with other pets who may be scared by louder sounds; but also because it lets you clean for longer periods without having to worry about bothering anybody else around.

Keep In Remember

For Larger Homes

If you live in a large home or are looking for the most intensive clean of your life, then this is probably just what you need. However, if you’re more on the petite side and have only one floor to cover with dust bunnies – don’t worry! This would be an overkill that will cost too much money.

Bagless Option

A central vacuum can be a great addition to your home. It saves you from having to lug around those heavy, bulky vacuums and it helps keep the dust off of surfaces in every room! But which is better: bagless or bags? Well, I have some thoughts on that for you.

3. Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum: Power Unit

Best Central Vacuum


The Central Vacuum is a powerful, efficient, and highly recommended the machine to those with allergies. It has 400 air watts of suction power that can cover 12000 square feet in your home without any bumps or drawbacks. The sound-proofing minimizes the noise throughout your space while still implementing 2 stage features for slip prevention when vacuuming on wood floors!

The washable HEPA filter alongside a Micron Pre Filter also provides an easy cleanup process so you are able to maintain this top vacuum cleaner as easily as possible by giving it soap and water at some point during its lifespan before things get out of hand.

This vacuum is the best deep-cleaner on the market. What’s most notable about it, however, is that you will never have to buy a new one in your life because of its 25-year body warranty! There are also 10 and 20-year warranties for different parts of this machine depending on how long they last with regular use.

What we love for it

Strongest Suction

A Central vacuum cleaner is a powerful machine that can handle an area of up to 12000 square feet. With its 2-stage motor, it provides immense suction and makes cleaning more efficient.

HEPA Filter

The washable HEPA filter is a lovely addition for pet owners, people with allergies or asthma. Whether you need one or not, it will go above and beyond in improving the air quality of your home.

25-year Warranty

The Central Vacuum has a 25-year warranty that should tell you just how much this unit is built to last. It’s rare to see an extended deal like this, so in the long run, it will save you money and time. And don’t forget about the 10-year motor warranty!

Keep In Remember

Higher Cost

The Central Vacuum is a higher-end machine, but it’s totally worth the investment. You get years of clean floors and healthy lungs for just pennies per day!

It’s Bagless

The Central Vacuum is great because it doesn’t have pesky bags to clog up the hoses and filters. Cleaning can be a breeze, but that means you need to keep an eye on your filter for when it’s time for maintenance!

4. Nutone Purepower 500 Central Vacuum

red & black Central Vacuums


This Central Vacuum model is perfect for those living in smaller spaces. It can handle up to 4000 square feet and has a large capacity of both suction power and dirt collection, with 500 air watts delivering 22-liter disposable bags so that you never have trouble getting rid of all the dirt your house contains!

Sound-proofing material helps reduce noise from the motor while running at 70 decibels–a volume which will be easily bearable by even those who are sensitive to such things! Included is also a 6-foot cord length for extra convenience as well as an included wall mount system making installation easier than ever before.

The latest technology ensures this vacuum cleaner not only delivers excellent performance but also offers many features thanks to its convenient size, including a safety exhaust port, automatic cord rewind system to prevent accidental tripping or messes on the floor when you’re not using it, and an easily accessible tool storage area for easy maintenance.

The lightweight vacuum cleaner is designed with high-quality material such as carbon fiber composites that provide exceptional suction power while being resistant to corrosion from water vapor and liquid spills–perfect for anyone who has pets! All of these features combine together in order to produce a machine that hard workers will enjoy having at their disposal.

It’s important to note that this model measures 14 inches by 12 inches by 35 inches so make sure there’s enough space where you plan on putting it before making your purchase!

What we love for it

Disposable Bags

The Central Vacuum Disposable Bags are a perfect way to keep your home clean. The bags last for six months and save you time on maintenance by lasting as long as they do. These come in handy while living in smaller homes since that will be the case with many people, saving them from hours of cleanup every week!


The Central vacuum system is designed without any sound-absorbing material and has no mufflers or foam. This means that the unit will operate as effectively, even if it’s in a room with interactive events taking place such as music concerts.


Central Vacuum is a lifesaver! It has all the features that make it easy for you to clean your house. The suction power makes dirty, dusty floors disappear in seconds and its large capacity allows you to never have an excuse not to vacuum again. We love how quiet this unit operates – when we use our Central Vacuum on high-speed mode, no one can hear us at all (except maybe those pesky kids). And with the extension cord attached so conveniently nearby, there’s no more lugging around heavy electrical cords as well!

Keep In Remember

It Might Not Be Sufficient

Central vacuum systems are so powerful, they can suck up dust and debris from even the most remote corners. That’s why it is important to invest in one that covers 4000 square feet or more for larger homes!

Replacement Bags

Your Central vacuums dust bags can last six months, but when they are due for replacement it will cost a little extra. Plan ahead to avoid an expensive surprise!

5. Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum

Best Central Vacuum


A Central Vacuum system for your home, this vacuum will last you up to 7500 square feet. With a dirt capacity of 23 liters and a power output of over 770 air watts, it’s the best vacuuming machine on the market!

It’ll keep all kinds of messes like pet hair and dust bunnies away from anyone’s household with its quiet operation (only 58 decibels!) that won’t bother even those who are sensitive to noise pollution. For pets-owners or families without garages or basements in which they can mount their new vacuums into — don’t fret: one function enables them to easily clean directly by themselves; handy indeed if there’s no time needed going back and forth, lugging their vacuum back and forth.

This portable Central Vacuum is perfect for two-story homes and comes with a rust-resistant finish that won’t degrade easily. You’ll receive a 10-year warranty upon purchase, which proves how durable this unit really is!

What we love for it

It’s cool

The Central Vacuum sounds like a sweet lullaby. Built-in mufflers or other soundproofing devices are not required for this system to keep the noise level down at 58 decibels! That’s quieter than most central vacuum systems on the market today. The lowest possible setting is perfect for homes with children and pets who might be frightened by excessive noises like vacuums that make so much racket in your home.

HEPA Compatible

HEPA is Compatible and it comes with filters to suit your needs. Upgrade for those who need a HEPA filter, or if you simply want the option of changing out what’s included in this unit that will be more than enough air purification for most people.

It’s Durable

This vacuum is so durable, it will last for years and then some. It comes with a 10-year warranty which means you can use it without worry until the day your pet chases after that cat up on the bookshelf again!

Keep In Mind

Growing in the Industry

The Central Vacuum is a model that has been growing in popularity. It’s not as widespread or popular as other models, but it seems to be holding up well against competitors so far. For now, buyers have had good things to say about the Central Vacuum and we think they will continue having positive experiences with this product for years to come!


The best central vacuum systems are the ones that will provide you with a high-quality clean and keep your home free from allergens. We’ve put together this list of the top 5 vacuums on the market to help make choosing one easier for you. All have been rated highly by buyers, so it should be easy to find one that fits into your budget as well as meets all your needs in terms of features. What do you think? Which is the best central vacuum cleaner for your home? Tell us what helped lead you to choose yours below!


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