The 10 Best above ground pool vacuums in 2022

best above ground pool vacuums

A pool cleaner is an essential tool for keeping your pool clean and safe. This is especially true of the best above-ground pool cleaners, as the bottom is often difficult to reach. After all, you don’t want dirty chemicals and plumbing in your pool, not to mention the possibility of slipping on wet cement or falling with swimmers.

Summer is approaching, and the temperature is rising day by day. Best pool vacuum on earth To beat the long summer heat, we use several methods, and the pool is one of them. However, there are some that I don’t want to use because they don’t work well. Nevertheless, there are many different pool cleaners on the market. It’s convenient for you to clean up your pool quickly and elegantly.

The best above ground pool vacuums of 2022

We’ve picked the 10 best above-ground pool cleaners. Its quality, value, size, durability, and design set it apart from other vacuum cleaners. Hopefully, you will discover your desired vacuum from them.

1. Intex automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaner

Grean black and white pool vacuum


Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is the perfect solution for a smelly or dirty pool. By using this automatic pool vacuum, you can expect a flawless and beautiful pool. This cleaner is a pressure washer, not a suction cleaner. In addition to cleaning your pool, the Intex Auto Pool Cleaner also works as a sand filter. The advantage of this cleaner is that it cleans sand and dirt from the bottom of your pool. However, it does require regular cleaning for better performance. Since it is a mechanized system, it can be used without difficulty.

How does it work?

By connecting the cleaner to a hose connector, the cleaner removes debris and sand from the pool. Suck pressurized water into the pool to remove dust. It adopts a 4-wheel configuration that contributes to ease of use, and its compact design allows it to be stored in tight spaces.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Cleans dirt and sand
  • Fully automated
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to collect


  • Not relevant for inground pools
  • Not relevant for non-Intex pools
  • Dirt nets, skimmer baskets, and pool siphon channels require regular cleaning
  • Smaller wheels may not work in wrinkled pools
  • Works only on smooth surfaces
  • Rectangular wheels over 18 feet in size pool and 24 feet


2. Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming pool leaf vacuum

Grean and sky blue pool vacuum


The Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Pool Leaf Vac Blue is a large 15-inch diameter vacuum with a durable ABS handle. Specially designed to remove large leaves, debris, and leaves from pools. The vacuum includes a reusable multi-purpose leaf bag for storing and disposing of leaves. There are 8 high-pressure water jets and 4 multi-directional wheels on the bottom. Eight high-pressure jets deliver water pressure for superior cleaning power, and multi-directional wheels ensure smooth movement.

How does it work

A huge profile nipple features a central opening that accommodates a large number of leaves. When connected to a garden hose, the 8 water nozzles at the bottom of the vacuum transform into mini nozzles that create incredible suction and help lift leaves into your vacuum bag.


  • Easy to use and useful for large pools
  • is the best leaf vacuum cleaner
  • Affordable pool vacuum
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has strong suction


  • Not suitable for small pools
  • has a stiff tube that makes it difficult to control


3. POOLWHALE Portable pool vacuum Jet Underwater

Best above ground pool vacuumsCHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON

An adaptable manual alternative is the POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Submersible Cleaner. Compact, as the name suggests, he can easily be moved between two positions when needed, making cleaning pools, lakes, and spas a breeze.

This vacuum cleaner comes with its four-section four-legged pole for convenient cleaning and can be removed for compact storage. Plus, you can rely on this device to remove that dirt and leaves.

No filters or pumps are required. Save water and never have to empty the pool for cleaning. Installation is faster. Completely submerge the vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the water will splash. The collection bag attaches securely and never needs to be emptied until vacuumed.

How does it work?

This portable pool vacuum jet submersible cleaner from POOLWHALE is powered by water pressure from a garden hose. Water from the hose enters the vacuum, creating a suction effect that manipulates dirt and debris into the fine nylon mesh collection bag. The bag has a simple drawstring closure to keep dirt in. You can add water to the hot tub while cleaning by twisting and sucking the garden hose.


  • Small and delicate
  • Easy to assemble
  • Saves money and time


  • vacuum handle is short
  • Handle is thin and does not last long
  • This cannot be moved effectively Water
  • For small tanks only suitable

4. PoolSupplyTown pool Spa Jet vacuum

Best above ground pool vacuum


PoolSupplyTown Pool Spa Jet Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for above-ground and inflatable pools, ponds, spas, hot tubs, and waterfalls. Usage is simple. No pump filter circulation system, no electricity required. Easy to carry and very convenient. The package includes a 4-foot pole.

Also comes with a white vacuum handle and can be vacuumed with a standard telescoping pole. The telescopic pole can be extended for a long time, making it a powerful and stable vacuum cleaner. It’s convenient and convenient because you can use the water pressure of the garden hose to suck up the garbage. Water pressure from the hose creates a venturi effect, pushing fallen leaves and other debris into the collection bag.

How does that work?

Simply assemble the vacuum and connect it to your garden hose. Water pressure from a garden hose creates a venturi effect that sucks leaves and debris into a vacuum bag.


  • No need to use a filter pump system
  • Uses water pressure from a garden hose to suck up debris
  • No electricity is required, convenient and safe to use
  • Easy to collect
  • Easy
  • Strong suction power
  • Good cost performance


  • Cannot pick up small particles such as fine sand


5. Zodiac MX6 In Suction robotic pool vacuum

Best above ground pool vacuums


The Zodiac MX6 is a complete professional pool cleaning robot that cleans more aggressively than any other vacuum in its group. His new MX6 is an effective robotic pool cleaner, with excellent vacuum performance and improved navigation for a stress-free, all-around clean pool.

The Zodiac MX6 uses an innovative low-flow design that consumes less energy than other cleaners in the series, making it the perfect cleaner for pools with two or variable-speed pumps. The Zodiac MX6 is approximately 40 x 15 x 9 inches. This allows him to move more freely when he is fully submerged and gets more during the suck cycle.

Another thing that sets the Zodiac MX6 apart from a sea of ​​pool cleaners on the suction side is the rail it sits on. It features two stick tracks that follow most pool surface materials, including quartz. increase. This system prevents the pool cleaner from getting caught on top of the pool drain, so physically fishing isn’t a problem. These rails also aid in wall scaling and waterline cleaning capabilities.


  • It is very affordable
  • It has a great navigation system
  • It comes with powerful suction


  • It is made of slightly flimsy materials

6. Hydrotools Pool and Spa Venturi vacuum

Best above ground pool vacuums


You don’t need to spend money on the highest quality items to clean your kid’s pool. Hydrotools Small Above Ground Pool and Spa Venturi Vacuum are suitable for small pools. However, it uses the pressure of a garden hose, so it can fill the pool a bit. Therefore, it is recommended to drain the water in advance so as not to overflow. As a children’s pool, you can also use this in a larger above-ground pool.

How does that work?

Setting up this pool vacuum is very easy. You can attach it to your garden hose, submerge it in water and fill it with water to see the venturi effect. This creates pressure and suction that attracts debris and dirt. A fine mesh bag helps catch small particles such as sand, stones, and dirt. You can remove the bag and wipe it later. They can clean the pool very quickly. Only 30 minutes for the large pool above ground, and 5 minutes for the small pool.


  • It works with any garden hose
  • It captures small particles
  • It cleans quickly


  • It has a flimsy pole
  • It is not suitable for large pools

7. FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming pool vacuum head

Best above ground pool vacuums


This FibroPool Professional Flexible Above Ground Pool Vacuum Head is a professional pool vacuum cleaner designed with high-quality materials to work well for a long time. It features a thermoplastic body and wheels. The head works well on all pool surfaces.

Adopts urethane wheels that can move effectively on the water surface of the pool. These wheels also protect against scratches and scuffs on delicate surfaces. Additionally, the head is designed with a conformable thermoplastic body that is well suited for carving corners and bends. This makes cleaning even hard-to-reach areas a breeze.

Another feature that sets it apart is its large cleaning surface. This allows for quick and effective cleaning around the pool. Additionally, the head has 6 adjustable weights to maintain contact with the pool perimeter for easy and even cleaning.

This is the best pool vacuum for your hard-earned money. Featuring a flexible thermoplastic body and a spacious 14.4 x 10.5 x 2.25-inch cleaning area, it can effectively clean every inch of your pool.

The flexible FibroPool Professional Vacuum Head is made exclusively from high quality materials, unlike many consumer solutions on the market today. Stainless steel hardware, urethane wheels, and stainless steel ball bearings make it easy to move along all pool surfaces, regardless of material or contour.

Conveniently connects to standard 1.5 inch hose without the need for special accessories. It is inexpensive, has plastic ball bearings, and a sturdy, corrosion-resistant metal handle.


  • Sturdy and well made
  • Reaches curved and awkward corners
  • Works on walls and cleans well
  • Cleans effectively and efficiently
  • Features a durable and lightweight head Yes
  • Heavy
  • Has high suction power


  • Wheels are fragile and sometimes come off
  • Metal rod attachment corrodes quickly


8. Intex rechargeable pool vacuum manual

Best above ground pool vacuums


Intex’s rechargeable handheld vacuum doesn’t require any cords or cords, so that’s fine in the end. The Intex rechargeable handheld vacuum makes pool and spa maintenance and spot cleaning easier than ever. Intelligent technology gives way to a programmed shutdown as soon as you remove it from the pool surface or water.

This feature is to save more energy and avoids sucking debris out of the pool. This tilt cleaner works in tandem with her IPX8 waterproofing feature to keep the internal gear from submerging.

Contains a Ni-MH rechargeable battery that gives the vacuum cleaner incredible suction power. It actually runs for 50 minutes on a full charge and comes with a USB cable. The cleaner measures 94 inches long and is made with an incredibly lightweight telescoping aluminum shaft.

Along with the best above-ground pool cleaners up to 18 feet in diameter, perfect for all PureSpa’s. It features a lightweight yet durable 94″ aluminum telescopic shaft. Interchangeable brush heads give you maximum flexibility when cleaning. It also turns off automatically when you leave the pool surface.


  • Easy to operate
  • Intelligent operation
  • Built-in powerful Ni-MH battery
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money


  • Weak vacuum suction


9. zodiac ranger pool cleaner manual

Best above ground pool vacuums


The Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner is a premier above-ground pool cleaner, unlike any other model. The Zodiac Ranger is a hand cleaner that removes dirt with powerful suction. The Zodiac Ranger is only suitable for above-ground pools, not for Intex soft wall pools or other similar-style pools.

It can be used in difficult pools, springs, and fish ponds. This above-ground pool cleaner consists of one part only. This means it is easy to use and not as noisy as other mechanical pool filters. It also cleans up messy pools faster. It works silently so you can enjoy a quiet weekend.

Since there is only one moving part, it is easy to assemble. No tools or special equipment are required to operate the Zodiac Ranger Pull Pool Cleaner. A very notable feature of this vacuum is the wheels at the end of the machine. This is called an idler wheel.

A wheel that protects the Zodiac Ranger from obstacles. This feature ensures that the pool cleaner will not get stuck on corners, stairs or ladders. Effectively slides down the lower pelvis without stopping.


  • Operates quietly and does not flap
  • Easy to install and use
  • Inexpensive pool cleaner for above-ground pools


  • Requires regular cleaning of pool Filter
  • Sometimes fails Cleans specific areas of the pool
  • Often gets stuck on ladders
  • Huge leaves can clog the skimmer and make it work inefficiently


10. Poolmaster 28316 Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

Best above ground pool vacuums


The Poolmaster 28316 Premier Pool Leaf Vacuum is the ideal tool for keeping your pool clean. The 15-inch diameter suction surface effectively uses the vacuum’s eight high-pressure water nozzles to quickly remove leaves and debris. Built with a durable ABS body, rolling urethane wheels, and polypropylene bristles, this leaf blower is ready for season after season. Easily adjustable metal handle that fits standard 1-1/4 inch rods.

Built-in quick adapter to fit standard-size garden hoses. When you connect the adapter to your garden hose, the 8 water nozzles at the bottom of the vacuum transform into mini nozzles that create amazing suction and help lift leaves into your vacuum bag. Aluminum handles add strength when used with standard telescoping poles.

Four multi-directional wheels help effectively maneuver the vacuum along the pool floor. The 15-inch wide vacuum includes a scratch-resistant perimeter bumper that won’t scratch or scuff. Three perimeter brushes remove dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool to help clean more efficiently.


  • Works with any standard garden hose
  • Has strong suction
  • Has a deluxe handle for easy maneuvering


  • Brush causes friction and is difficult to pull or push

Some important factors you need to consider while buying the best above ground pool vacuums.

There are various factors to consider while buying the best above ground pool vacuums. They are:

Pool size 

The size of the pool truly matters when picking the best sort of pool cleaner. When managing huge pools you need a successful pool cleaner with an enormous dirt chamber as it should be able to gather loads of debris while cleaning the pool. Then again, you don’t need to bother with a big and expensive pool cleaner. Depending upon how little the pool is, you can decide on robotic or even manual pool cleaners.

Kind of the pool 

There are two sorts of pools. The Inground pool is the type of pool made by digging some piece of the earth and developing the pool. Above ground pool is the second sort of pool. As the name implies, it is above the ground, and as a rule, it isn’t huge and easily portable from one point to another. The kind of pool cleaner for these two sorts of pools isn’t something similar. Consequently, you should research before picking the correct type. 

Pool surface 

Various pools have various surfaces. Some have a tiled surface, and rough surface, and the rundown is endless. When picking the correct cleaner for inground or above-ground pools, check the kind of surface your pool has and select the cleaner that will clean the pool without being damaged. 

Hose length 

The depth of the pool will decide the length of the pool cleaner you should purchase. It is difficult to purchase a pool cleaner with a little hose, and you need to clean an exceptionally deep pool. If you don’t have an interest in the manual pool cleaner, you can likewise pick the robotic pool cleaner.


When purchasing the pool cleaner, you need to check how long the warranty lasts. Every single electrical machine is prone to spoiling any time after purchasing. Subsequently, if you buy a pool cleaner and it gets damaged in a brief timeframe after purchasing it, it may be a loss to you. It is in this way necessary to check the warranty time frame before buying your next pool cleaner.

The above tips may be useful whenever you are in a store, and you don’t know which cleaners for above-ground pools to buy. You can go an additional step and possibly get some information about various kinds of pool cleaners


Cleaning your pool is a significant part of pool upkeep. It is necessary to keep your pool a protected and sanitary space for your loved ones. Nobody said it was a fun job, but with incredible pool vacuums, it’s in a real sense never been easier. Getting the correct pool vacuum for your kind of pool is the initial step, and you’re well on route to a sparkling, clean pool the entire season. By now, the Best above ground pool vacuums, I hope you are ready to pick your desirable vacuum as all referenced vacuums are ideal and of high quality.



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