How to pick the best above ground pool vacuum cleaner

above ground pool vacuum cleaner

There is a lot of fun and enjoyment that comes with a good above ground pool vacuum cleaner. Having a swimming pool at home gives multiple chances of Maintaining a cool off during the summer and entertaining both family and friends. Cooling off and entertaining people around you is very important, but maintaining the cleanliness of the pool is a priority.

To maintain the cleanliness of the above-ground pool, you need an above-ground pool vacuum cleaner to collect all the dirt. The cleanliness of a pool is the top-notch thing to ensure on any swimming pool.

Debris tends to accumulate in the pool very fast, and as a new pool owner, this fact might surprise you on how the swimming pool gets dirty with leaves, soil, sand, hair, and other matter. The pool requires constant and daily cleaning to ensure a good flow of water and no floating materials. Most cleaning equipment will help remove the floating matter, and the debris on the bottom of the pool is still left there. Acquiring an above-ground pool vacuum cleaner will help collect all the waste and other kinds of dirt sunk in the pool.

The pool vacuum will work on the bottom of the pool and the sides, leaving the water clean and giving the pool a sparkling feeling that you desire. Many different pool vacuums are available in the market, but only a small variety of above-ground pool vacuums are suited for the specific above-ground swimming pool.

Many dealers and manufacturers manufacture different above-ground pool vacuum cleaners that you can find on different markets online or in walk-in stores. The most important thing is to choose a vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs.

Here are some tips on how to pick the best above ground pool vacuum cleaner

It is common and normal to get worried about the cleanliness of your pool, more so when you regularly have guests around and frequently use the pool. Having a pool vacuum cleaner is a necessity, and it is vital to have the best. Above-ground pool vacuum cleaners can be either automatic or manual, and you can choose either according to your preference. Their prices are relatively low, and you can also select one that perfectly fits your budget.

Here are the tips to consider to pick the best


Above-ground pool vacuum cleaners are relatively cheap. All in all, everyone has a stipulated budget on what to spend on a particular item. When shopping for the above-ground vacuum cleaner, it is good to go for one that goes for the lowest price and offers most of the service. You desire to get the most out of it without spending too much and at the same time not having to go back to buy another. It is good to pick a cleaner that goes for a cheaper cost but offers the most service.

Pool size and shape

The pool can be in different shapes and sizes. Consider the size of your pool and go for a pool vacuum cleaner that covers most ground at once. You would prefer taking the shortest time to remove the debris from the pool rather than spending many hours doing it. Choosing a cleaner that covers large ground would be a good choice to spend less time cleaning.

Check the specifications of many vacuum cleaners to acquire one that works best with the size and shape of your pool.

Pool surface

Is your pool rough-surfaced or smooth surfaced? Considering the surface texture is an important factor to consider before settling for a vacuum cleaner. The pool might be rough, tiled, or any other material. Ensure you check the surface and select a cleaner that is suitable to avoid any damages.

Hose length

When settling for a cleaner, consider the length of the horse. The depth of your swimming pool will determine the size of the horse you carry. It would be very hard and hectic to use a short horse cleaner on a very deep pool. You can also settle for a manual or a robotic cleaner according to your preference.


When buying the pool cleaner, make sure you check the length of the warranty. Electric gadgets have the probability of spoiling any time after purchase, and it would be such a big loss to lose the device shortly after purchase. It is important to check the warranty of the pool cleaner and pick one with the longest warranty period.


There are various types of pool vacuum cleaners that you can use in cleaning the above-ground pool. The vacuum cleaners can be robotic, pressure side, manual, or even suction side. It is important to consider the pros and cons for each type and their functionality and the kind that works best for you. For instance, the robotic cleaners work independently and are a good choice for an above-ground pool. There are desirable features in the other types that might be the best option for you.

Additional features

A manufacturer may try to add a desirable feature to the above-ground pool vacuum cleaners. These features could be a remote, hose swivel, or scheduling function. It is good to check out the additional features to get another function that might work well for you. Most of the extra features could be an advantage to the cleaning job, and it would be good to consider such a choice.

Best above ground pool vacuum cleaners

There are very many pool vacuum cleaners that you can get in the market. Considering all the factors outlined, you can easily pick the best according to your need. Here are some of the best above-ground pool vacuum cleaners you can consider due to their properties and versatility.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Robotic Pool Vacuum cleaner

The Dolphin Nautilus robotic is a unique pool vacuum cleaner. You can use it in your above-ground pool and the inground pool if you build one and can go up to 30 feet in length. It is fitted with a 50 feet waterproof electric cord attached to the top of the vacuum to prevent tingling. The cleaner is equipped with a handle that brings ease to lifting out of the pool. It has a weekly timer that you can set weekly for auto cleaning. It is light in weight and completes the full cleaning cycle in two hours. Although a bit pricey, it is truly worth the money and will give good service.

Intex Auto Pool cleaner

Intext is another vacuum pool cleaner leading in the market. It has a wide variety of selections in terms of pool sizes, styles and is easy to set up. Intex auto pool cleaner is made specifically for above-ground pools. It can work in pools that are 24ft or smaller. Intex auto pool cleaner does all the dirty work for you moving around the floor collecting all debris matter.

Pool Blaster Max cordless cleaner

Sand is a big problem for all pool owners. Nobody wants to have any sand particles on the floor of their pool. Pool blaster is one of the best above-ground pool vacuum cleaners. It can handle even the smallest sand particles and capture any kind of dirt, both small and large debris.

It contains a water tech p30 motor that offers efficient and quick cleaning. It is a perfect machine to use for both spot cleaning and deep cleaning. The battery runs for up to an hour which gives ample cleaning time for small pools.

Hayward W900

Hayward above-ground pool cleaner can be used on any size and type of pool. The vacuum cleaner can move around the pool using the suction from the filtration system. It is fitted with a bumper ring on the outside that reduces friction between the walls, larder, and surfaces. It is a fun design that kids can swim with it in the pool.


Pool whale is a handheld above-ground pool vacuum cleaner. It is an excellent choice for small pools and people who love to clean the pool by themselves. It leaves a sparkling clean pool after use. You can attach the vacuum cleaner to the standard garden hose and quickly assemble it, spending little time cleaning above the ground pool.

It offers a clean job in collecting debris with the net fitted on it and easy to empty. It retails at a low price and is very affordable to most people.

Dolphin Sigma Robot Pool Cleaner

Everyone desires to dive into a clean pool and take a good swim. Having algae in a pool s a turnoff to most people and will take a step back from diving in. Having a good choice of vacuum cleaners, you can easily get rid of algae.

Dolphin Sigma is the best choice to use in removing algae from the pool for good. It runs for around three hours, which is enough time for cleaning. The cleaner also scrubs and cleans the pool floor, the walls, and the waterline. It is oriented to the details, and you will love the job it performs. It has an enhanced filter system and uses less energy than some other cleaners.

For shoppers looking to acquire the best above-ground pool vacuum cleaner, following the guidelines and considering various factors will ensure quality and effective machines. Look at multiple types of cleaners, read their pro and cons, and their functionality. Also, check the features are they are packaged with. Go for a pool cleaner that perfectly fits your needs. If you are unsure of the cleaner to choose, look at the reviews of each and consider the one with the most desirable features and a positive review. When you pick the best above-ground pool vacuum cleaner, your experience in your swimming pool will never be the same again.


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